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Baby Proofing Checklist – Before Baby Crawls

Baby Proofing Products and baby proofing ideas are needed when your baby starts Crawling as it simply means counter and other surfaces are within his reach now. You’ll notice he’ll go here and there in a blink of eye. Gaining mobility and independence to move gives huge confidence and a curiosity in baby to explore everything independently.

Here is a Checklist of Baby Proofing Ideas or you can say baby proofing ideas for keeping the apple of your eye safe and enjoy this period to its utmost.



  • Fill the tub to a limit that it is enough to cover your baby’s legs. (2-3 inches)
  • Check the temperature of water. Use warm, not hot water (To ensure it do a wrist test or use a thermometer to make sure water is around 96-100˚ F)
  • Never leave the baby unattended or unsupervised even for a second.
  • Place nonslip mats in the bath tub and on the floor near the tub to avoid slippery.
  • You must know that bath tubs rings for baby to sit in, is not a substitute for supervision.


Fall Prevention:

Fall Prevention:

  • Never leave your baby alone on sofa, bed, changing table or any elevated place from where he can fall.
  • Baby Proofing Stairs, Put gates to block stairways and top and bottom both.
  • Install window stops, window guards along with safety netting on windows, decks etc.
  • Use safety tassels and cord stops.
  • Block all the openings which are wider than 4 inches on railing and fencing.
  • Use Safety belt on shopping cart, at the store.




  • Till the age of two keep your baby in rear facing car seat or till he reach the maximum of height and weight.
  • Place car seat properly, in rear facing position in the middle of backseat.



  • Avoid baby’s cloth with drawstrings.


Changing Table:

Changing Table

  • Don’t leave the baby unattended and prefer safety strap.
  • Keep toiletries within your reach but out of your little one reach.




  • Make sure you use doorsteps and door holders to protect baby’s fingers. Use of baby proofing Products will help you out.


Electrical (Sockets and Appliances):

Electrical -Sockets and Appliances

  • Unused safety outlets should be covered with outlet cover or safety plugs or the other way is to block it with furniture.
  • Prefer hide-a-cord device or hide electrical cord behind furniture.
  • Keep appliances like toaster, table fan, blow dryers and other appliances unplugged or out of reach of children.




  • Place a fireplace grill where fire is burning.
  • Place all fireplace tools out of baby’s reach.


Forbidden Zone:

Forbidden Zone

  • Keep Knives, heavy pots and other breakables locked up and out of his reach.
  • Ensure door locks, safety gates and knob covers to unsafe areas.
  • Keep radiators and floor heaters out of baby’s reach.
  • Avoid using place mats and table cloth as baby will spill everything by pulling them down.
  • Distract baby with some baby safe items.




  • Attach edge guards and corners.
  • Secure tall unstable lamps behind furniture.
  • Ensure safety straps of Flat screen T.V so that it doesn’t fall on your baby.
  • Secure furniture like book cases etc. which can topple to the wall.


Poison Proofing:

Baby Poison Proofing

  • Keep items like cleansing agent, medicines, handsanitizer. Toiletries, vitamins and other toxic items out of reach or lock them up.
  • Keep your purse or any visitor’s purse out of reach as it may contain medicines etc.
  • Make sure all toxic house plants are out of your baby’s reach or simply get rid of them. Read more
  • Stay up to date on poison control prevention. Read more




  • Make your baby sleep on their back.
  • Don’t let your baby nap or sleep on fluffy bedding or pillows.
  • Don’t make baby to sleep on soft surfaces or water beds.



Baby Toys

  • Make sure there are no eyes, beads, buttons or other pieces on the toys as baby can pull them off and choke on.
  • Make sure it doesn’t get hung around baby’s neck.
  • Should not have strings or toys longer than 12 inches.
  • Should not be too heavy as it can harm baby if it falls on him.
  • Should be appropriate for baby’s age and skills


Water Safety:

Baby Water safety

  • Don’t leave baby unattended even for a single second near pool or other water.
  • Don’t leave even small amount of water, Cleansing solution or any other liquid in bucket or container.
  • Get around 4 inches fencing with a self-closing or self-latching gate around the poolarea.
  • Empty wading pools after use.


Window Safety:

Baby Window safety

  • Keep baby away from open windows.


Burns Prevention:    

Baby's Burns Prevention           

  • Don’t carry drink, hot food and your baby at the same time.
  • Don’t hold your baby while cooking.
  • Keep hot food and drinks away from edges of tables.
  • Keep Pot handles toward back of stove.


Baby Proofing Checklist – Before Baby Crawls? If you have any other information to add on, then please add in comments.

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