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Baby Rolling Over

Ohhh… wow!!! He just rolled over and you keep waiting and looking at him that he will do it again soon. But wait, let me tell you he will do it when he will feel like. It is big surprise for both parents and the baby and soon you are going to notice that rolling on tummy and back has become his favorite tricks and play time activity. Something about which you must be happy is the growing strength in your little super hero’s arm, back and neck.  Make sure that you are done with the baby proofing part because the exciting moves your little one is going to make can result in a fall or an injury.


When-do-Babies-roll-overWhen do Babies Roll Over?

At the age of four months, your baby will be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back. Once your baby has gained head control, after that he will learn to sit on his own with support and soon he will learn to roll over. As far as, flip from back to front is concerned it may take him 5-6 months because it needs stronger arm and neck muscles.





How do Babies Learn to Roll Over?When-do-Babies-roll-over

At the age of 3 months, when you are giving your baby tummy time, he will start lifting his head and shoulder high by using the arm support. You will notice your little champ doing mini push-ups. He will not only amaze you but himself also with his flips.

By the time he is 5 months old will lift his head, Push up on his arms and arc his back to lift his chest. You will see him doing variety of yoga poses. He will try to make every possible effort like Swimming with Arms, kicking of legs and rocking of stomach.

All these Exercises and Yoga poses are helping him in developing the muscle he needs to roll over in both the directions by the age of 6. Your baby will gain new skills and will keep exploring the area around him.




How-can-I-help-my-baby-to-roll-overHow Can I help My Baby to Roll Over?

Play with your little one, this encourages his new skills. Make him enjoy rolling by placing his favorite toy next to his side so that he develops the curiosity to grab it. To add fun, lie down close to him slightly away from his reach and ask him to come closer to you—and you will see the magic how he rolls over to come closer to you. Mother is the first teacher so Smile and applaud his effort. This will add enthusiasm in him. You both will enjoy the activity more.

He may not be able to roll over for first 5 months. It is advised to never leave your baby unattended on bed or any elevated space right from birth. Let his first rolling over experience be enjoyable or else it can result in a serious injury.




What should I do if My Baby Does not Roll Over?What-should-I-do-if-my-baby-does-not-roll-over

In case you have not noticed any flip till 6 months or he has not made any effort to sit or crawl. Let you pediatrician know about this.

Skill Developments in babies vary, some develop quickly than others. There are many babies who do not roll at all. Remember pre mature babies reach developmental milestones later than others.





Whats-next–After-baby-learns-to-sitWhat’s next? – After Baby Learns to Sit

While learning to roll over baby’s neck, back, legs and arm muscles gets developed.  By now he is ready to sit on his own and crawl. Between the time period of 6 to 8 months most babies masters Sitting technique, Crawling comes thereafter.




Baby Rolling Over? If you have any other information to add on, then please add in comments.


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