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Baby Wipes in India – Review

Best Baby Wipes Review is the best way to know about the quality of wipes before using them. Review on Baby Wipes In India helps in getting at least a rough estimate that what will suit your baby.

Parenting is not at all an easy task; it requires a lot of efforts from the day when your tiny one enters home. Then comes the care including the selection of baby products.When you enter the stores for getting baby products, there is a huge range, racks filled with different brands which give rise to big confusion which to choose.

Some are better in terms of softness, thickness and effectiveness, while others are budget friendly. There are various parameters for deciding which wipes should be taken taking care of baby’s sensitive skin.  As wipes is a product required after every minute for baby bay cleaning and hygiene so there is a huge spending on it. In this techno tech era when all information is available on a single click-here we have clubbed the information for you.

For choosing the right product, you need to go for smart shopping, Review Top 5 Baby Wipes Best for Your Baby considering all the advantages and disadvantages of the brands. Especially when buying the baby products read the ingredient list- that it contain all that what it is claiming. Keep your eyes wide opened as you need to be aware what is good for your little one’s health.


Himalaya Baby Wipes


Himalaya baby Wipes contain the extracts of Aloe Vera and Indian lotus. Cleanses, moisturizes and keeps the delicate baby skin soft. It is an effective combination of herbs that moisturizes and keeps your baby’s delicate skin soft.It is hypoallergenic and extra thick wipes. It contains purified water, plant extracts, imported rayon & moisturizing agent. For 172 rupees, you will get a pack of 72 sheets. No information regarding Parabens free, Alcohol free and pH balanced. All these parameters are must so we don’t feel it should be preferred.


Pack & Price Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes: 72 wipes for 185.00/- Rs

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Mother Sparsh Water Wipes


Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are 98% Water Wipes with extra moisture. It is Alcohol free, Parabens free, pH balanced. These wipes are made of Non-Woven Spunlace fiber hence wipes are sufficiently thick to retain poop and ensure proper cleansing. Mother Sparsh wipes are proven for effectiveness and suitable to be used right from birth. You have to spend 150 rupees for a pack of 80 wipes. Though it is a new brand in the market and there is a problem of re sealable sticker but factors which are must to be there in wipes.


Pack & Price Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes: 80 pieces for 150.00/- Rs.

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Pampers Wet Sensitive Baby Wipes


Pampers is a pricer option. These are one of the softest and the gentlest wipes. The best thing about pampers is that it offer its buyers a lot of options Pampers Sensitive Wipes, Kandoo Flushable wipes etc. Sensitive wipes are free from Alcohol, Perfume and are Hypoallergenic helps in preventing diaper rash and irritation and flushable wipes are good option for toddlers and potty trained children. But pamper wipes are costly and are not pH balanced also which is a must requirement for baby wipes. So if you are thinking of buying pampers, it requires a second thought.


Pack & Price of Pampers Baby Wipes: 56 wipes for 287.00/-Rs.

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Mee Mee Wet Baby Wipes


MeeMee wipes are 100% bacteria free, Alcohol Free, Dermatologically tested wipes with hypoallergenic ingredients. Pack of Meemee wipes is compact and travel friendly. Wipes are soft on baby skin and can be used on baby’s face and hands. The other thing the size of the wipe is perfect not too small or big. You have to spend 190 rupees for a pack of 72 wipes. On the contrary there are certain things on the contrary like wipes are too thin that the pores are visible and there are chances of getting poop on fingers. Wipes are not fragrance free which declines the usability to some extent as it cannot be used on sensitive skin. So think twice and act wise, because it is all about your little baby’s health.


Pack & Price Mee Mee Wet Baby Caring Wipes: 72 Pieces for 387.00/- Rs

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Dove Baby Wipes


As gentle as water, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, alcohol free- some of the key features of the Dove baby wipes. These wipes are Dermatologically and pediatrician tested. These wipes are moisturizing and good for on the go cleansing. These wipes are not very pocket friendly because wipes are something required every next minute for the baby and you will have to spend 210 rupees for 50 wipes. There is no information for being Parabens free, pH balanced as these are also the must requirement for infant’s healthy skin.


Pack & Price of Dove Baby Wipes: 50 Wipes for 210.00/- Rs.

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Johnson Baby Skincare Wipes



Johnson Baby Wipes soap free, Alcohol free with no tears formula. It is made of 97% pure water. Johnson says it is clinically proven mild on baby’s skin. For a pack of 80 wipes you have to spend almost 190 rupees. Besides no information for Parabens, Hypoallergenic, pH balanced which are also important requirement for baby wipes.So a big NO.


Pack & Price of Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes: 80 Sheets for 220.00/- Rs

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After viewing the above mentioned brands for baby wipes, and important parameters like Parabens free, Alcohol free, Water based, Hypoallergenic, pH balanced, Extra moisture are must to be considered while buying wipes. Dove wipes, Meemee Wipes, Pampers are all Alcohol free and hypoallergenic but are not pH balanced and Parabens free. Himalaya baby wipes are made of Rayon and not even Alcohol free. Experts always recommend pure water and cotton for baby cleansing and Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are 98% Water wipes. So we feel only Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes is the brand which fulfills all the Parameters and should be preferred for baby’s Hygiene and Cleansing. No doubt it is a new brand in the market but in the very beginning every brand is new in the market. Make the right choice for your baby as well as your pocket.

Baby Wipes in India – Review? If you have any other info to add, please add in comments.

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