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Best Sensitive Baby Wipes 2017 – Ranked & Reviewed 

There are dozens of baby wipes brand available in market. New parents often end up buying product that has never been in markets previously. The fact is that baby wipes available in market are of different types. All baby wipes are not same and all do not work the same.


It may be very overwhelming to buy baby wipes from various brand and types but one should choose according to need and the feature you are looking for. Once you find the wipe that works for your child then you can stock up. Read below to know about best sensitive baby wipes of 2017. One of these may be perfect baby wipes for you.


Best sensitive baby wipes 2017:-


1- Mother Sparsh Water Wipes:


Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are the best baby wipes available in market and the reason behind I placed it on top is that they are water wipes. Mother Sparsh water wipes contains 98% water and are Alcohol free. Each pack contains 80 wipes and is free from Parabens.




Moreover these wipes are enriched with vitamin E and contains Aloe Vera extracts. These wipes are hypo-allergenic, durable, soft and have great fragrance. They are very sensitive and large enough to clean baby’s bum without any hassle. These water wipes are effective on diaper rashes and irritation. The cost of product is Rupees 185 for 80 wipes which is very reasonable.


What new mom Anika review about Mother Sparsh Water Wipes:-


“The fragrance is wonderful and they feel quite luxurious. I also find I use less wipes for cleaning up major messes. Mother Sparsh water wipes seem to go further.”- Anika



2- Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes: –


Pampers baby are second in the list. These baby wipes are mild and thicker than their other baby wipes. These water wipes are soft, durable and sensitive. Due to thick texture, you can wipe then fold and then wipe again. These wipes are good but do not help in preventing diaper rashes in baby.




After using these wipes there is little oil left on baby skin which is glycerin. The odor of the wipes is bit strong. If you want something more natural than this, go for water wipes. These are very costly and are not pocket friendly.


Read the review of mother of twins about Pampers Sensitive baby wipes:-


“These are nice quality wipes that feel thick. I’ve used expensive wipes and these are just as nice quality as any of the others I’ve used.” – Latha Krishnan



3- Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Baby Wipes:


Another in the list is Huggies new Cucumber and Aloe baby wipes. It consists of Aloe Vera and cucumber which soothes and moisturize the baby skin. These wipes comes in thick texture. These wipes are designed for baby face and hands and are safe to use in these areas.




Huggies wipes consist of little fragrance and also protect baby against nappy rashes. These wipes cost Rupees 220 for 80 wipes.


Read the reviews of Madhu- caretaker say about Huggies Wipes:-

“Huggies wipes are soft but are without fragrance.” – Madhu



4- Amazon Elements sensitive water wipes:


These baby wipes are very new to market. These wipes is made up of 98% purified water. These wipes do not contain Parabens, Alcohol, Dyes and few other harmful ingredients.




Amazon sensitive wipes contains chamomile flower extract which soothes skin. It also contains coconut oil and some pH balancers, and some preservatives. These are soft, durable and effective wipes. It cost Rupees 1126 for the pack of 6.


See what Kirti’s review about Amazon:-


“These are great wipes.I will say that they are a bit dry but I found a simple fix. Store your packages flip top opening down when not in use, the wipes are more noticeably moister that way.”- Kirti



5- Babyganics Extra Gentle Hand, Face, and Baby Wipes:


Babyganics wipes are very gentle on baby’s skin and of high-quality. These wipes clean baby well and is very moist and leaves skin moisturized as after using it little oily film lefts behind. It can be used to clean baby face, hands and bums.




These baby wipes contains chamomile and several natural seed oils and the packaging is travel friendly. This product comes with bad odor because of oils. The pack available is of 60 wipes and cost of Rupees 3260 for pack of 3. You need to spend quite a lot for these wipes.


Read Keysha review about Babyganics Baby wipes:-


“This maybe a sturdy wet wipe but it leaves a lot of fibers on your skin. I usually need 1 but the fibers are the reason I use a fresh new. The fibers may even run into eyes. It is very expensive also. I am not a fan of this product.” – Keysha


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