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February 14, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 3 Comments

Head Control : Baby Development Milestone

At What Age, Babies Learn to Hold their Head Up? Infant Head control is the foundation on which development of baby’s other movements are based. At the time of birth, baby has little control over his head as his motor skills and neck muscles are quite weak. After development of this skill, foundation of later …


February 1, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 8 Comments

Baby’s Growth and Development Timeline: Crawling – Sitting – Walking

Baby’s learning to walk and achieving different developmental milestone is something every parent is eager to watch. There are complete steps which your baby is going to take on the journey to become an adept walker. Learning to walk involves a lot of efforts and steps involving signs that baby will walk soon.   CRAWLING …


February 1, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 2 Comments

Tummy Time – Baby’s Developmental Milestone

What are the Benefits of Tummy Time? Why does my Baby Need Tummy Time? This is common query that strikes every mothers head and heart when they see their baby is not enjoying it and it is a task. So here is the answer. Tummy time is placing a baby on his tummy while he …


February 1, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 2 Comments

Baby Proofing Checklist – Before Baby Crawls

Baby Proofing Products and baby proofing ideas are needed when your baby starts Crawling as it simply means counter and other surfaces are within his reach now. You’ll notice he’ll go here and there in a blink of eye. Gaining mobility and independence to move gives huge confidence and a curiosity in baby to explore …



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