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How to Bottle feed a baby (New Born)

Although Breastfeeding is the ideal way to Nourish a baby, there are many moms who chose to bottle feed their newborn. There is an art to successfully bottle feed a baby. Some feeding positions and strategies are required to make it comfortable for a baby to feed.

There are important steps that need to be followed while bottle fee

ding a baby.

  • Cleanliness is important. Wash hands and clean area before preparing the bottles.
  • Put bottles and nipples in boiling water for five minutes before using them the first time. After each use, wash the bottles for one minute in hot soapy water.
  • If you are formula feeding your baby, it is important to stick to one type of formula unless it causes complications for your baby.
  • When opening a can formula, clean the lid and can opener.
  • Consult your baby’s doctor about the need to boil water for powdered formula preparation.
  • Don’t microwave the bottles as it may burn baby’s mouth. Warm the bottles in hot water.
  • Stop feeding when the baby is full.
  • Discard leftover formula after each use.
  • Buy formula only from reputable retailers and not from online auctions or flea markets to ensure the quality of the product.

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