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How to Massage Your Baby with Lal tail?

Massage plays a vital role in baby’s endurance and overall development. In Ayurveda, massage is described as key of longevity. One of the ancient text of Ayurveda, “Charak shmitha” which describe child care in its text under “Kaumara bhritya”. Kaumara bhritya is a branch of Ayurveda which is specially deals in the health care and ailments in baby from birth to adolescence. A baby massage is generally starts just after birth. It is done with wheat dough ball, along with a little amount of almond oil or turmeric. Actual baby massage starts after 4th week of baby’s birth when navel is healed. Here, are the tips and golden rules for effective baby massage.

  • First lay down baby on his back and apply lal Tail on babies foots, legs, arms and front side.
  • Massage baby’s forehead, crown position into long circular clockwise motions.
  • Massage on backside of ear and side of the head in long circular motions.
  • Gently massage chest of baby.
  • Massage both shoulders in circular motion in clockwise directions, then up and down the arms.
  • Massage the abdomen in circular motion around navel.
  • Massage hips in circular and clockwise directions.
  • Massage up and down the legs, feet, using a circular motion around the navel in clockwise circular motion.
  • Turn baby over onto her front, and massage back of her head in a large circular motion.
  • Massage the back very gently up and down in long gentle strokes.
  • Massage up and down the back of the legs.
  • Place your baby onto her back and massage face very gently into circular motion.

Oil for Baby Massage:

  • Start baby massage around 4 week of baby’s birth, when the baby has gained strength, and navel has healed.
  • Massage with palm rather than fingertips. So, that less pressure is applied over baby’s soft skin.
  • Massage before one or two hour prior to bathing time.
  • Don’t massage baby after feeding, or when baby is hungry.
  • Turn off TV and music sources. During massaging time, sing and talk with baby.
  • Use an Ayurvedic  Lal tail enriched with sankh pushpi, nagarmotha, rasna, Ratanjot, and many more. It is free from parabens and other harmful preservatives.


  • As per many researches, it is evident that use of olive oil, which is high in oleic acid, has a damaging effect on the baby’s skin protective barrier and therefore may further compromise the well-being of an already vulnerable baby. Alternatively, highly refined sunflower oil & sesame oil which is very low in oleic acid, has positive antibacterial, moisturizing and regenerative properties on the skin’s protective barrier.


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