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How to Massage your Baby

Tips and Technique for Baby Massage

Thinking of when to start baby massage; here you go Baby Massage is recommended from the age of one month to three year and after that even it is good to continue to as much time you want to. Choose the time when your baby is fully active and avoid the time before and after a meal and when he needs a nap. When you feel that he is ready, set yourself up on the floor with a towel and a small bowl for oil. When your baby’s starts crying or seems to be uncomfortable, stop and cuddle him for some time.

Make sure to warm your hands before initiating the massage. To avail the immense benefits of baby massage, it has to be done in the right pattern. Massage usually starts from legs, arms, chest and finally back. Here is the reply for query “How to do Baby Massage at home?” – Step by step guide for your ease.


baby-Legs-massage-tipsBaby Legs Massage

Legs are less sensitive than other parts of his body so it is better to begin massage from legs. Take some oil in hands, slightly rub your hands and wrap your hands around one of his thighs than slowly pull down, one hand after the other, gently squeezing as if you are milking his legs. Switch to next leg and repeat.



baby-feet-massage-tipsBaby Feet Massage

Take one foot; slowly and gently rotate it a few times in each direction, than very mildly stroke the top of her foot from ankle down to toes. Switch feet and repeat.





baby-soles-massage-tipsBaby Soles Massage

Make use of your thumbs in circular motion circles over the bottom of each foot.






baby-toes-massage-tipsBaby Toes Massage

Take each of the toe between your forefinger and thumb and softly make your finger slip off the till the end of the toe. Follow the same technique for all the toes.





baby-arms-massage-tipsBaby Arms Massage

Take one of his arms in your hands and repeat the same as on legs from shoulder to wrist. Now gently take his wrist a few times in each direction. Switch to next arm and repeat.





baby-hands-massage-tipsBaby Hands Massage

Hold his hand; open it, then with your thumbs massage in a circular motion.






baby-fingers-massage-tipsBaby Fingers Massage

Gently take finger between your thumb and forefinger and softly pull making his finger slip from your hands. Repeat for all the fingers and thumb also.





baby-chest-massage-tipsBaby Chest Massage

Gently place your hands over his heart; lightly flatten your palms over his chest and stroke outward. Repeat it at least 5-8 times. You can massage chest by one another way also by placing one hand flat on the top of the chest and very gently stroke down to his thighs. Repeat it using alternating hands, a few times.



baby-back-massage-tipsBaby Back Massage

Bring your baby on his tummy; make use of your fingertips for massaging in a tiny circular form on both sides of spine from neck to buttocks. Finally to finish the massage, go for long firm strokes from shoulder to feet. Make him wear nappy once you are done with the massage, cuddle and breastfeed him, he will be very relaxed and fall into sleep. Baby massage is perfect for Sleep.




Some-General-tips-on-Baby-MassageSome General tips on Baby Massage

  • Whenever you warm the oil, check the temperature of oil by applying the oil on your elbow.
  • Check the temperature of the room, where you are going to do the massage.
  • Understand the signals given by your little one, as massage can be from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, you must understand the body language of your baby.
  • Make regular massage a part of his daily routine.
  • Remember to warm your hands.


How to Massage your Baby – Tips and Technique for Baby Massage? If you have any other information to add, please add in comments.


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