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My Baby is Colic – What to do?

My Baby is Colic, What Should I Do Now? A common heard query from mothers. In case a healthy baby cries at a stretch for more than three hours, three or more days in a week and for at least three weeks, then it’s for sure the dreaded ‘C’ word i.e colic. It is an absolute answer to the motherly concern how long does colic last. Then come the main concern,”How long does Colic last in Baby?”- Colic tops up when baby is around 6 weeks, and then falls down to almost an hour or two of crying by the time your munchkin is 3-4 months old.

Baby with colic cry for long hours, at any time and usually it is seen that the crying gets worse in the evening. Above everything we can understand your condition as being a parent it is hard to see your baby in this condition and ultimately find out what will work to calm the apple of your eye.

It is always advised to consult pediatrician first to figure out any health issue which might be responsible for baby crying but in case baby is healthy the yes, colic is indeed a problem.


Here are the tips for Soothing your baby Colic Baby


At the time when your baby is Colic, usually a cranky behavior is noticed accompanied with crying. Underwritten are some tips which will definitely help you out when thinking,” What to do to soothe my Colicky baby?


SwaddleSwaddle: Remember how snugged your baby was in your womb, this will give you a very easy way to think from her perspective that how big this world might be appearing to your tiny tot now. “What Is Swaddling?”- It is just like wrapping, to snug your baby in some cloth or blanket. This will help your baby to feel in control, a close feeling as it was in your womb.

In case your baby is not taking the usual diet, try swaddling during feedings.

To make your colicky baby sleep, try swaddling. Not only is this, by doing this there is a bright chance that your baby will stay asleep for a good time. Many Studies have revealed that babies who are swaddled enjoy a sound sleep than in comparison to those who are not swaddled.

It is good to keep your swaddled baby where you can keep a check, as baby ma y roll on stomach and wind up face on mattress. So it is better to stop swaddling when your baby is about to learn rolling, after 2 months.


Ease-Gassy-TummyEase Tummy Gas:

Colicky baby suffers from gassiness by swallowing air while crying. While feeding keep your baby upright in order to ease gas and make your baby burp often.





Consider-ProbioticsConsider Probiotics:

Consult your Pediatrician, in case to go for probiotics or not. In case yes, ask him/her to recommend any.





Go-for-a-Gentle-MassageGo for a Gentle Massage:

Your baby might enjoy a gentle and Soothing Massage but be aware how your little one is responding to this massage as the sign and signals you will be receiving from him/her will make you clear it is actually working or not.



Offer-a-PacifierOffer a Pacifier:

Sucking is the best soother for some babies. In case your little one falls under this category, then you can consider offering a pacifier.





Try-a-warm-water-bottleTry a hot (warm) water bottle:

Some babies enjoy the feeling of warm water against belly (stomach area). For doing this, fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and wrap it in a towel.

Make sure water is not too hot, as what is just warm to you might be too hot for your baby. One of the best ways to do this, place it on your belly and make your baby lie on top of it.




Side-Stomach-PositioningSide/ Stomach Positioning:

Babies are most comfortable cradled in arms. Try different positions like upright, tummy down across your lap, side positioning etc. Make out which position makes your baby most comfortable.





Go-out-for-a-walk-in-a-strollerGo out for a walk in a stroller:

Take your baby for a walk in a stroller, front carrier or sling. New sight, smell, sounds, fresh air and rhythmic movement may calm your colic baby and help to fall asleep.

At times, it all about the cool environment that is needed, make your baby relax in peaceful environment.



To Get Rid of Colic chose Gripe Water without Sodium Bicarbonate:


For soothing colic symptoms, prefer Gripe Water. Gripe water is an over-the-counter liquid supplement of herbs such as fennel, mint, ajwain, cardamom. In addition to treat colic, it is used as a remedy for teething pain, hiccups and flatulence, among other ailments.

As far as Gripe Water is concerned, you must make sure you are using the Gripe Water which is without Sodium bicarbonate. Along with this, Prefer Alcohol Free, Parabens Free Gripe Water.

For soothing your Colic baby Prefer Mother Sparsh Gripe Water (India’s 1st Gripe Water without Sodium Bicarbonate/ Baking Soda)-An all-natural choice for stomach discomfort, gas, colic, teething and hiccups.  It is Alcohol Free, Parabens Free. Along with that, it does not contain Charcoal, Glycerin, Soy, Artificial Flavors & Colors.
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For more info, read The Best Gripe Water in India

My Baby is Colic. What to do? If you have any info or query, please add in comments.

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