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Things to know about Baby Safety Inside Home

Parents are always worried about their child’s care & safety especially when they start crawling. The parents are more conscious if both of them are working. You might have heard many incidents in which children got injured due to negligence. What you can do to prevent these injuries? Answer is “Baby Proofing.”


Baby proofing is becoming very popular among parents who are very concerned about their child’s safety. Are you one of them? Are you thinking to safely proof your house?


To know the answers of this question, here we will discuss some measures to safeguard your loving one from the expected injuries inside home:


Water Safety :

We need water for different-different purposes. In our routine, the usage of water is for many things like drinking, bathing, washing, cleaning etc. But at the same moment, we should not to forget some safety tips from water for our kids.


To safeguard your children from water incidents always keep water taps, tub, buckets, and water-pipes out of their reach. Make sure you keep your tubs and buckets dry when they are not in use. Never leave babies in tub unsupervised. Don’t forget to lock your washrooms after using it, so that your kids won’t be able to step in over there while playing during your absence. Don’t let your children run on the wet floor, as chances of slip are more in that case. Always Close toilet lids and seats lock to prevent drowning. Also, never let your baby swim alone.


Safety from Medicines :

Medicines are pills which are prescribed by doctors for a particular disease. Consumption of medicine by a fit person or a kid may give a harmful effect on health. So it is better to put away your medicines in first aid box and do keep that box out of reach of children. Always tightly lock your syrup bottles so that babies won’t be able to open it. Throw out old, used and expired medicines. Avoid taking medicines in front of young children’s. Sometimes they copy their elders and consume the unwanted prescription. If your baby is under any sort of medication and you have any concerns about your child’s medicines, don’t feel shy to ask your doctor.


Tips for Electricity safety :

Children are very curious; they love to explore everything which is new for them. Likewise, when they see their elders switching lights on and off using electrical wires for their chores, they also want to copy them. But instead of copying them they start playing with electricals. Well, electricity is something which is actually not a fun; because sometimes it may lead to dangerous results and effects which becomes life-threatening. So it is strictly advisable to stay away from it.


Be alert if you find your little putting his fingers inside socket board, as this may cause harm to your loving one. Tape well to your sockets or keep it covered. If possible, prefer to install switchboards on height, where kids are not able to reach or cover it with furniture. Don’t let your children play with cords of objects. Immediately wrap blow dryers, toasters, and other cord appliances after use. Don’t fly kites near power lines. Never let your child climb on power poles. Teach your young children’s about electric warning signs. Keep electrical stuff far away from water and kids.


Safety during Sleeping :

Good sleep is very essential for a baby’s health and well-being. Sometimes it happens that a baby feels uneasy when he is not finding a suitable atmosphere to sleep. Then, it becomes important to give a soothing environment to a baby so that he can sleep comfortably.


Let’s share some baby proofing tips for a baby while sleeping. Always put your baby on a firm surface. Never leave your baby alone on beds or sofas or in any other spot from where she/he may fall. Use crib, cradle or bassinet that has firm mattresses. Always put your baby to sleep on his/her back. Fix some pillows on the right and left side of your child also on the upper side of the head. If your baby is sleeping alone in the room, do let him sleep in the mid of the bed. Keep an eye on sleeping baby after short intervals.


Door & Window Safety :

Many times we have seen the door and window injuries in children. By following simple safety tips, we can prevent these harms. Close and lock your doors and windows.


Install window opening control devices or window guards. Use door and window stoppers if a baby is playing inside and outside the room. It should be so that if a baby is passing from one place to another he may not get hurt because of the loose door or window. Install safety gates at the bottom and top of your stairs.


Safety while Playing with toys :

Toy safety is equally important like other baby proofing measures. It is important for parents to check toys before giving it for playing. Disposed off the one which is broken or having sharp ends. Wash your infant toys well with simple water.  It will help to sterilize them and protect baby from germs and infections. Ensure well that they must not be too heavy, that they can’t hold it. They must be appropriate for a baby’s age and physical skills.


So, parents, these are the safety tips and some baby proofing measures which you can follow for your baby safety. All these things will help you out to protect your little from unexpected injury or incident.


I hope you all find this article suitable and please don’t forget to hit on like button or you can also comment us below for your feedback.

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