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Top 11 Safe and Best Baby Powder Brands In India-2017

Are you looking for Best & Safe Baby Powder Brands? Do you need help in knowing about the details of all Baby Powder Brands? If you are looking for help, in getting to know the Best & Safe Baby Powder brands available in India then going through this article is the best all you can do.

Baby Skin Care Regimen is incomplete without Baby Powder. Baby Powder not only adds a fresh feeling but also helps in getting rid of diaper rashes. We know that all parents look for just want the best care and the best baby products for their little bundle of joy. While going this post you will learn about the Best Baby Powder Brands in 2017.

Here is the list of Top 11 Safe & Best Baby Powder Brands in India-2017


  1. SEBAMED Baby Powder

The Sebamed is a German brand of Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, founded by Heinz Maurer (1921-2017) in 1957. SEBAMED BABY POWDER is amongst the best-selling baby product from this brand. It minimizes the effect of rubbing and chafing. Sebamed Baby Powder has an extra soft formula with Allantoin, which protect the skin from irritation and other skin allergies.


Sebamed Baby Powder Price: Rs. 658/-

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  1. CHICCO Baby Powder

The Chicco is a leading company working from last 50 years in the field of Baby Products. Chicco was established in 1958 and located in Como, Lombardy, Italy. The Chicco Baby Talcum Powder 500gm is a best-selling baby product from this baby brand.


Chicco Baby Powder Price (500gm): Rs. 299/-

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  1. MOTHER SPARSH Baby Powder (Ayurvedic)

Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is a new Baby Product company in Indian market with its Ayurvedic Approach towards baby care. Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is tailored to protect baby’s soft and delicate skin from rashes, itching, irritation & other skin allergies. It is rich in the extracts of Aloe-vera, Khus and Tulsi which on combination delivers broad spectrum benefits in keeping skin cool & comfortable. It soothes skin to makes it smooth and supple. Mother Sparsh Baby Powder is Ayurvedic in nature and this makes it the best & Safest Baby Powder.


Mother Sparsh Baby Powder Price: Rs.  62/-

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  1. JOHNSON’S Baby Powder

The Johnson’s Baby is a well-known name in infant skin care, owned by Johnson & Johnson. It 9is a very trusted & reputed American brand of baby skin care and cosmetics products. Body lotions, massage oil baby powder, shower gels, shampoos, and baby wipes are their products. Johnson’s Baby Powder (400g) is the best product from this brand. Johnson’s Baby Powder is clinically proven for its mildness on baby’s delicate skin. Besides, this it causes no irritationor allergy to baby’s skin.


Johnson’s Baby Powder Price (400 gm): Rs. 180/-

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  1. MOTHERCARE Baby Powder

The Mothercare was established by Selim Zilkha and Sir James Goldsmith in 1961 at Cherry Tree Road, Watford, Hertfordshire. They specialize in products for expecting mothers and in general merchandise for children of 8 years. The Mothercare All We Know Baby Powder 150g is a best-selling baby product from this baby brand.


Mothercare Baby Powder Price: Rs. 389/-

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  1. MEE MEE Baby Powder

The Mee Mee is amongst the most costly baby care products, which produce high quality products in baby care. The Mee Mee Baby Powder 500g is the best-selling baby powder, which is available in various sizes. This powder is formulated especially for the baby’s skin, helpful in keeping the baby fresh and dry.


Mee Mee Baby Powder Price: Rs. 279/-

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  1. HIMALAYA Baby Powder

Himalaya Herbals is also a trusted brand among the top natural skin care product manufacturers, founded by M Manal in 1930 and located in Bangalore, India. The Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder (400 gram) is a best-selling powder from this brand. It is enriched with goodness of Olive oil and vitamin E. It has antimicrobial properties.


Himalaya Herbals Price(400gm): Rs. 160/-

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  1. LIBERO Baby Powder

The Libero was founded about thirty years ago. Baby wash, baby wipes, baby oil, baby powder Baby lotion, and Baby bar soap are the products. Libero has made a worth admiring entry into the Indian market of Baby products. Libero Baby Talcum Powder (100g) is a best-selling baby powder of this brand.


Libero Baby Powder Price: Rs. 55/-

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  1. PIGEON Baby Powder

Pigeon is a trusted baby brand, established in 1978 with headquartered at 628-13, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Pigeon’s Baby Powder is a best-selling product of this brand. It gives dry, fresh and comfortable feeling to baby. It contains natural plant extracts of olive oil,chamomile and rosehip.


Pigeon Baby Powder Price (200 gm): Rs. 160/-

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  1. ORIFLAME Baby Powder

Oriflame was established by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick in 1967. The company in Stockholm, Sweden. The Baby Talc is the best product from this brand. It contains extract of linden and no allergens.


Oriflame Baby Powder Price: Rs. 220/-

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  1. LITTLE’S Baby Powder

Little’s brand was founded in 1980. It deals in skin care, feeding Accessories, slippers, footwear, toysetc. The Little’s Powder is best-selling baby powder. It is hypoallergenic and clinically tested product. This product is enriched with corn-starch and an excellent absorbent. This powder has cool and soothing effect on baby’s skin.


Little Baby Powder Price (200gm): Rs 120/-

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Use Baby Powder puff for applying baby powder on baby’s skin, it helps in applying the desired amount only leading to lesser wastage.

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Top 11 Safe and Best Baby Powder Brands In India-2017? In case of any info or query, please add in comments.



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