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Top 5 Best & Safe Baby Gripe Water in India – 2017

Every mother is looking for the Best & the Safest Gripe Water for her baby. Though there are other concerns also existing. Should I give Gripe Water to my baby or not?. Then the query arises, Is Gripe Water Safe for Newborns (Infants) & Babies? Once a mother solves this out then she starts searching out the safest gripe water.

To make your task easier here is the list of the top 5 Best & Safest Baby Gripe Water available in the Indian market. Try any of the best baby Gripe Water For Infants & babies in India that are listed here for your baby’s health.

List of best Gripe Water Available in India:

  1. Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Gripe Water (India‘s Gripe Water without Sodium Bicarbonate & Alcohol Free Gripe Water)

Mother Sparsh Gripe Water is 100% Ayurvedic formulation to help relieve from stomach pain due to gas, acidity, hiccups & indigestion. It contain the goodness of herbs such as Saunf, Ajwain, Pudina, Dal-chini & dill oil which in combination is beneficial to get relieve from the stomach pain and also effective during teething & diet change. It is Alcohol Free, Parabens Free, No Charcoal, No Glycerin & Soy, No Artificial Flavors & Colors, No sodium Bicarbonate/Baking Soda. It is the best and the safest gripe water for Infant & babies.


Pack & Price: 130ml FREE in Just Rs 55 /– Buy Now


  1. Mother Bliss Gripe water

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is a safe and effective all natural herbal supplement used to ease gas and stomach discomfort often associated with colic, hiccups and teething. It’s key features includes naturally sugar free, no alcohol, chemicals or parabens, no artificial flavors or colors, no dairy, gluten or soy.

Mother Bliss Gripe water ingredients include deionized water, vegetable glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, citrus bioflavonoid extract, citric acid, potassium sorbate and natural fennel flavor. It is one of the safe gripe water For the babies.


Pack & Price: 120 ml in Rs 5,108/– Buy Now


  1. Little Remedies Gripe Water

This Little Remedies Tummys is the Best Baby Gripe Water that is very suitable for all types of baby. This gripe water is packaged in the 4 fluid ounce bottle within 2 packs in its box. This Tummy product is performing well on its function of stomach discomfort reliefs. Moreover, it does not include any harmful chemical substances such as gluten, alcohol and paraben so that users don’t really need to worry about gripe water side effects on their babies. This best baby gripe water is a must to have in your house to make sure your baby is safe and healthy.


Pack & Price: 30ml in Just Rs 1206.00/– Buy Now

  1. Woodwards Gripe Water

This non-alcoholic Ayurvedic medicine gives instant relief to infants and babies crying due to gripe and stomach pain caused by acidity and indigestion


Pack & Price: 200ml in Just Rs 55 /– Buy Now

  1. Babuline Gripe Water

Babuline is a tasty preparation of the well-known carminatives Dill, Aniseed and Caraway with Menthol in combination with Alkaline Salt of Sodium. Babuline is made as per its regulatory requirements such as using the highest quality ingredients and rigorous inspection to ensure consistent quality.


Pack & Price: 135ml in Just Rs 40/– Buy Now

All these Gripe water are the best & safe baby gripe water in India which will definitely help you to soothe your colic baby and related issues.

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Top 5 Best & Safe Baby Gripe Water in India- 2017? In case of any query and info please add in comments.



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