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Top 7 Best Baby Massage Oils – Which Oil is good for Baby Massage?

Here is the list of Top 7 baby massage oil available in Indian market for baby massage to help you grow healthier and happier babies. Daily oil massage to baby is must and along with that with that what turns out to be equally important is choosing the best baby massage oil. A soothing baby oil massage does wonders to baby as it calms your little one along with that provide proper nourishment.

Everything in baby massage depends upon the oil you choose. Then arises the main question, “Which is the best Oil for baby massage?”

There is a big hassle in selecting the right baby massage oil. To make your task easier and help you choose the Oil best for your baby’s delicate & sensitive skin, here is the list of Best Massage Oils in India for baby Skin.


Which Baby Massage Oil is good during summers?

  1. Coconut Oil- Best Baby Massage Oil

Coconut-OilCoconut Oil tops the chart when it comes to best baby massage Oil. Coconut Oil is a good choice for hot summers& humid climates.


Why Coconut Oil for baby massage?

  • Light in texture
  • Easily absorbed into skin
  • Offers cooling effect on the body
  • Effective Oil for the treatment for sensitive skin and problems like rashes, patchy skin, dermatitis, cradle cap, eczema.
  • Helps to moisturize baby’s skin
  • Keeps baby’s skin supple
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties
  • Contain antioxidants, lauric and caprylic acids which are good for skin

All the above stated properties make coconut oil one of the best choice for baby massage.

Nature’s Paradise Organic Coconut Baby Oil is the best Coconut Massage Oil for Baby’s skin.

Another alternate to coconut oil for summers is Sesame Oil. A Must to know thing about Oils for baby massage is that Coconut oil and Sesame Oil are the ones which can be used in both summers and winters for baby massage.


  1. Sesame Oil (Til tail) for Baby Massage

Sesame-OilSesame Oil is also known as Til tail in India.

Why Sesame Oil For baby Massage?

  • Sesame oil is rich in Linoleic acid so it is considered to be the best for baby massage as it strengthens the bones. Sesame Oil is considered to be best baby massage Oil for Strong Bones.
  • Keeps the protective barrier of baby’s skin healthy and helps in sealing the moisture.
  • Prefer Coconut Oil which is extracted from black sesame oil.
  • Goodness of Sesame Oil for baby massage is highly accepted in Ayurveda
  • Baby Massage with sesame oil improves the circulation and strengthens the whole body

With Coconut Oil, the other oil which should be preferred for baby massage and should be used on alternative basis with it is Sesame Based Baby Massage Oil.

Mother Sparsh (Ayurvedic) Lal Tail is the best Sesame Based baby massage Oil as it contains the highest percentage of Linoleic acid- 71.96% with goodness of Ayurvedic herbs like Shankhpushpi. It is one of the best known Ayurvedic Baby Massage oil in India.

It helps in reducing the baby skin dryness, nourishes, softens the skin and prevents chafing.

Read More/ Buy Now


Which Massage Oils should be preferred for Baby’s Sensitive Skin?

In case your baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to dryness and eczema, then it is advised to avoid vegetable oils for baby massage like Olive Oil or high Oleic Sunflower seed Oil.

Vegetable oil is also containing linoleic acid so it is suitable for sensitive skin but here the question arises that the oil contains Oleic acid or Linoleic Acid. So it is advised to consult your pediatrician before using it.

Following are the vegetable Oils that contain high linoleic acid and good for sensitive skin includes:


  1. Sunflower Oil for Baby massage

Sunflower-OilWhy Sunflower Oil for baby’s Sensitive Skin?

  • Safe For Skin
  • Contain Vitamin E and Fatty acid so safe for skin

Remember: Avoid using it on rashes prone skin or extra sensitive skin



  1. Chamomile Oil for Baby massage

Chamomile-OilWhy Chamomile Oil for massaging baby’s sensitive skin?

  • Recommended for Newborn’s Sensitive Skin
  • Helpful in treating rashes and other skin breakouts




  1. Calendula Oil for Baby Massage

Calendula-OilWhy Calendula Oil as baby massage Oil for Sensitive skin?

  • Well known for baby massage
  • Can be used after bath for soothing baby’s skin
  • Mild Fragrance



  1. Castor Oil for Baby Massage

Castor-OilWhy castor oil to be used for massaging baby’s sensitive skin?

  • Used to treat dry skin, nails & hair
  • Avoid areas around baby’s lips and eyes
  • Recommended to be used before baby bath.



  1. Tea tree Oil for Baby Massage

Tea-tree-OilWhy Tea Tree Oil For baby’s sensitive skin?

  • High Antiseptic Properties
  • Treat skin allergies
  • Gives baby relaxed feeling

Giving baby massage is the best way of spending time with baby and developing a bond. So make sure to make 100 % of it. You are going to cherish these memories for forever.

This post will definitely help you to choose the best oil for baby massage

Top 7 Best Baby Massage Oils – Which Oil is good for baby massage? If you have any other info to add the please add in comments.

Hope this post on Top 7 best baby massage oil will help you choose the best baby oil for skin. Do share your baby massage stories with us.

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