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Tummy Time – Baby’s Developmental Milestone

What are the Benefits of Tummy Time?


Why does my Baby Need Tummy Time? This is common query that strikes every mothers head and heart when they see their baby is not enjoying it and it is a task. So here is the answer. Tummy time is placing a baby on his tummy while he is awake and alert and requires complete supervision. Tummy time helps baby to develop strong head, neck and shoulder muscles which, in turn, promote certain motor skills. Moreover, while asleep baby spends lot of time on his back with his head in one position. This leads to flat spots on back of his head (Positional Plagiocephaly). So tummy time prevent baby’s head from becoming flat. The more your baby spend his time on his tummy, the earlier he might reach major milestones as Rolling Over, Crawling and Sitting without Support. Overall tummy time stimulates baby’s growth and development.


When to Start Giving My Baby Tummy Time?


Start tummy time soon after birth, as a part of baby daily play. In the first two week start tummy time for 1-2 minutes, at least 2-3 times a day, at different times of the day. In the beginning make sure your baby spend around 5-10 minutes on his tummy in his entire day. This can be done on the bed, on a blanket on the floor, on your lap, or in your arms.


Remember to stay with your baby   and supervise while this activity. Never keep your baby on his tummy when he is asleep, as this can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant death syndrome). With time your baby will become stronger and more active, he will start making efforts to move his head. By the end of three months you will be astonished that your baby will be able to hold his head and do mini push-ups on his forearms. But you need to know that ample of tummy time will be required for this.

Back to Sleep and Tummy to Play; keep this basic rule for your baby.


How Should I Start Giving my Baby Tummy Time?

How should i start giving my baby tummy time

Encouraging baby to move on his tummy involves effort from your side as well. In the beginning, your baby will not be able to move much but still you can make attempts to make his start wriggling his legs, arms, and move his head. When your little one is lying on his tummy, get down to his level to make him know your presence. Communicate with him, sing songs make funny noises, keep looking at him so that he notices you and all the activities. This will encourage him to move his arms and legs in curiosity and not only this he will try to move his head to see you as well.


When your baby is near three months, he may try to push his arms. Now what you can do here is hold his favorite toy above him. This will create an urge in him to look upwards and use his arms and raise himself towards the toy.


Finally when your little bundle of joy is around six months, you can start holding an object to his eye level but slightly away. This activity will boost his confidence as he will make attempts to catch that toy. Make it interesting for your baby so this turns out to be one of his favorite game.


What if my Baby does not like being on his Tummy?

What if my baby does not like being on his tummy

Initially tummy time is a strange experience for the baby. You have to encourage him to have to encourage him to have tummy time every day.


Begin this activity for a short time every day like for just 1-2 minutes in the beginning for at least 2-3 times in a day. Choose the appropriate time when he is active and alert.


You can also give him tummy time on his arms. After sometime he will become used to it and this is the time to start with some tummy time on the floor.


The target is to increase the duration of this tummy time activity to 60 minutes by the time he is three months old.


Tummy Time – Baby’s Developmental Milestone? If you have any other information to add on, then please add in comments.

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