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When do Baby Start Walking?

At What Age, Babies Walk? – Every mother keeps thinking this once her baby learns to sit, roll and crawl. So here is the reply to your curiosity, most babies take their first steps between 9 to 12 months and start walking properly by time they are 13-16 months old. In case your baby takes a little longer, there is no need to worry.

Baby walking is an important move toward attaining independence in mobility. Sitting, Rolling and Crawling gives baby enough confidence to take steps toward



How does Baby Learn to Walk?

In starting, your baby’s legs are not strong enough to make him stand upright. We have a solution for this, Hold him upright under his arms, he will push against the floor with his feet just like he is walking. For the coming couple of months he will do this.

By the age of 6 months, he will bounce up and down when you will make him balance his feet on your thighs and let me tell that bouncing is going to be his favorite activity for next couple of months. During the first year his leg muscles and coordination continues to develop, with the help of which he will master the developmental milestones– rolling over, sitting and crawling.

By the time your baby is 9 months, he’ll hold onto a furniture and start trying to pull himself. Make sure whatever comes to his way is solid enough to support him or else he will make things fall on him).

After 9 months, your baby will learn how to bend knees and how to sit after standing, which is not an easy task for the baby for a baby as it seems for us.

Once baby has mastered standing position, at 12 months your baby will start cruising, some babies even start standing without support.

By this time, baby will start squatting and stooping. Few babies start walking by gripping your hand but as far as taking first step alone is concerned, you have to wait for at least few more weeks. You may observe the walk on tiptoe with feet turned outward.

Many toddlers are seen walking on their own-by the age of 12 months. In case you find your little one still cruising, in that case he will be taking a little more time.



How can I help my baby walk?

Once baby learns to pull himself, to standing position, now he needs your help to get back down again. He might get stuck there, find you for help and even can start crying. Here you have to make an extra effort, make him learn how to bend on his knees so he can sit down without tumbling. Once you have taught him, let him try this technique himself.

The best way to make this activity a fun and encourage him is stand a little away from him, kneel down and ask him to come closer to you. The other way is to hold his hands and make him walk.

You can buy him a toy which he can hold and walk. (Choose the right toy, which have a solid base for support and safe for child). Make sure you are done with the baby proofing part, and never leave the baby unattended.

Baby proofing details, click here



Should I buy baby Walker?

Many International Pediatrics organizations are strongly against the use of baby walkers as it makes it easy for baby to get around and hinders the development of upper leg muscles.

Make your baby go barefoot as it improves the balance and co-ordination. Introduce shoes only when baby is walking on rough, cold or outside the house.



What if your baby does not walk?

No need to worry if your baby is taking time to walk because every baby has a different growth pattern. In case your baby is not able to stand with support by 12 months, not able to walk by 18 months and not able to walk steadily by 2 years. Let your pediatrician know about this.

Premature babies take a little more time to reach these milestones.



My Baby is Walking, What’s Next Now?

Well, be prepared one your toddler has made his first move himself. Your baby will move to the next level.

At 14 months, babies learn to stand alone.

By 15 months, baby start walking in a steadier manner and walk with legs apart and feet pointed outward.

At around 18 months baby turns out to be a proficient walker. Climbing up the stairs and getting down is going to be her favorite activity. Baby starts dancing on music and kicking the objects.

At about 25 to 26 months, start with smooth walking motion and will start jumping properly.

By the time your baby will turn three years old, he will turn efficient in standing, walking, running and jumping.


When Do Baby Start Walking? If you have any other info, please add in comments.

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