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Which is the best baby massage oil for your little?

Massage plays a vital role in the growth of a baby. It has lots of health benefits. A good massage gives a relaxing effect to a baby body; it makes bones strong and gives a soothing effect which helps a baby to sleep well. Moreover, massage makes a mother-child bond stronger.


There are various types of oils available in the market, make sure you choose the best baby massage oil for your cutie. A little baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. If you apply a wrong product on your baby skin, it may cause harmful effects to your child.


Here we’ll discuss the best massage oils for your baby and their remarkable effects.


1.     Coconut Oil :

In summers, coconut oil is a boon; because this oil is lighter in nature and gets absorbed easily. This oil is best for kids if the weather is hot or humid. Also, if a baby is suffering from eczema i.e. an allergy in which skin gets red, itchy and inflamed, this oil works significantly.


This oil contains anti-microbial properties and suitable for sensitive skin. Coconut oil is easily available at home as we use it regularly. So it is no more a problem for mothers that from where they can buy this oil. Moreover, this oil is recommended as a remedy for diaper rashes.


2.     Almond Oil :

We can use almond oil to massage babies, as this oil is rich in vitamin A, D and E. Babies having dry or sensitive skin this oil is an excellent choice for the, as it is rich in fatty acids.


In winters almond oil is best to use for your child. It smells great and makes a baby skin soft and smooth. Generally, doctors recommend sweet almond oil in winters for baby massage.


3.     Olive Oil :

For dry and irritated skin olive oil acts as a miracle. This oil is rich in fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals. The goodness of olives makes a baby skin soft, beautiful and glowing. It also helps to make muscles and bones strong. Olive oil can be used in any season.


For best results massage your baby well with this oil. Babies having cradle cap i.e. dry, flaky layers of skin on the baby’s scalp, olive oil works as a natural remedy for it. For more good results apply this oil and let the child get some sunlight, by doing this a baby get vitamin D also.


4.     Sesame oil :

Sesame oil is an excellent moisturizer. In Ayurveda, this oil is said to be as “KING OF OILS”. It contains tons of medicinal properties. This oil is very light and gets easily absorbed which keeps a baby comfortable. Sesame oil is nutritious oil which is made from sesame seeds.


Massaging a baby with this oil before bath promotes the growth of a child and makes bones strong. It helps to increase the height and weight of a baby. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of this soil help to fight against infections. For good results warm this oil before applying.


5.     Mustard Oil :

One of the most recommended oils for massage in winters is mustard oil. This oil has lots of benefits for a baby such as helps in fighting against skin infections; helps to open up sweat pores and relief from a cough and cold. Make sure you warm up this oil before massaging your baby.


Adding fenugreek seeds and garlic cloves to this oil, in cold weather is a well-known practice in India. By massaging with this mixture it helps to retain body warmth, protect from common cold problems and infections.


6.     Castor Oil :

Castor is one among the great massage oils. This is natural edible oil has many health benefits to a baby. This oil is best for kids to use before a bath. Castor oil is well-known for its healing and moisturising property. It acts as a good home remedy for nappy rashes.


Little babies do a lot of movement of their body, by doing so they feel muscle pain. By massaging well with this oil gives relief from muscle pain. Daily using this oil helps in the growth of a baby. This oil suits more to the children having dry skin, as it penetrates deep into the skin and provides complete nourishment.


7.     Sunflower Oil :

Sunflower oil is a popular of parents to massage for babies having sensitive skin. This oil provides skin hydration and helps to improve dryness. Before applying this oil to a baby gently rub it on your hands and then start massage from legs to the body. This oil is a good source of Vitamin E which helps to treat scars and skin problems to a baby.


Massage is very essential for babies; there are many benefits to massage a baby with oil. It helps in making their bones and muscles strong. Massage helps in promoting bond experience with a child. Make sure you choose the oil according to skin and seasons. If needed, do take the advice of a doctor. Moreover, if you are trying new oil for the first time, do test it on your baby’s feet or leg. Don’t put pressure on baby’s body keep your massage firm and gentle. Don’t overdo with your baby, Massage according to his comfort.


Well hopefully, all the discussed points will help you and make your mother-baby relation strong.


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Have a Happy Baby Mummy Time!!!


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