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Which Nutritional needs are important to take during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a body goes through many physical and Hormonal changes. It is important for expecting mothers to take a healthy, nourished and a balanced diet during this important phase. A healthy diet is one which must contain the right balance and combination of nutrients. Consumption of a balanced diet and necessary nutrients helps a pregnant women and her baby to remain fit throughout their life.


If expecting mothers take poor nutrition during their pregnancy chances of high health risk are more to the Mother and her developing baby. Lack of essential nutrients in this stage gives long term health effects to a baby. It may lead to problems like low birth weight, poor childhood growth or development, chronic health issues like diabetes etc.


Here are some Essential Nutritional needs which are important to take During Pregnancy for Healthy Growth of baby:


Essential Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy :


  1. Proteins :

It is important for pregnant mothers to consume and include protein in their diet. It helps in repairing tissues and building immunity. Proteins are also called tissue builders of the body. During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy a baby grows at a faster rate so high protein diet is recommended more. To facilitates, changes in the body of a pregnant mother a good quantity of proteins help a lot.


Deficiency of protein may lead protein-energy malnutrition in babies; therefore a diet which must be rich in proteins should be consumed throughout pregnancy.

Foods like milk, dairy products, egg white, soya, fish, meat and dry fruits etc. provide good protein and are healthy to eat.


  1. Vitamin A :

Vitamin A is essential to consume during pregnancy as this vitamin helps to improve visual perception, growth, and maintenance of cells and tissues. Sources of Vitamin A are green leafy vegetables, milk and milk product, fruits, sweet potato, apricot etc.


Consumption of this vitamin never leads to the problem of skin dryness, cracking of skin, vision, dryness of salivary glands.


  1. Folic Acid :

This vitamin is highly recommended in pregnancy to women’s. Folic Acid helps in the development of the brain and spinal cord in the growing baby also helps in the formation of blood cells and digestion of proteins in the body.

Doctors advise to consume green vegetables like spinach, capsicum, green beans, cabbage, citrus fruits, milk, and milk products work as a good source of folic acid in a pregnant mother.


  1. Iron :

Iron is a mineral that is found in many foods, a body needs this mineral in order to remain healthy. During pregnancy intake of iron is to make extra blood for mother and her baby. Normally pregnant women need extra iron for her growing baby during second and third trimesters.  Iron also helps to move oxygen from your lungs to the body. Haemoglobin transfer oxygen from your lungs to the whole body.


We normally find haemoglobin in foods like green leafy vegetables, oats, whole grain rice, chickpeas, peas, tofu etc.


  1. Fibre :

Fibre is a very important component of a balanced diet. It plays a major role in keeping the digestive system smooth. Constipation is very common in pregnancy, to normal bowel movements and relieves constipation, foods which are rich in fibre helps a lot. Excellent sources of fibre are whole grains, pulses, soya, oats, fruits, leafy vegetables etc. To ease bowel movements, intake of water with fibre is necessary. As per experts, 2-3 litres of water is recommended to stay healthy.


  1. Calcium :

During pregnancy, consumption of calcium is important for growing baby to build up bones and skeleton system. This mineral also helps to make heart-healthy, nerves, muscles and teeth strong. As the body does not make this mineral on its own, it becomes essential for expected mothers to take calcium-rich food or supplements.


Some of the best sources of calcium are cheese, milk, yogurt, orange juice, soya drink, leafy green vegetables etc.


  1. Zinc :

Zinc is a powerful mineral that helps in body development and its functioning. It also helps in facilitating the growth process of building tissues for the developing baby.


Zinc is well known to maintain the healthy immune system and boost body growth. Deficiency of these mineral results in a poor immune system and slow growth of a baby. Include poultry products, nuts, and bananas in your diet as they are a good source of fibre.  Sometimes pregnant women’s are given with added supplements for zinc.


So, all expecting moms, the best way to take all essential nutrients is to take a balanced diet and a healthy food. Above discussed foods and essential nutritional needs are important to take during pregnancy as it plays a very crucial role for healthy growth of a baby. If you face deficiency of any nutrient, it’s better to consult a doctor.


I hope you will find this article informative and helpful for your pregnancy. You can also suggest us more helpful things in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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