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Why Reading with Babies and Young Children is Important

For the right growth of the children reading is highly important. Reading not only enhances a child’s vocabulary but also helps him or her understand how to read and write. When you read a book with your kids, it can help them understand different things of everyday life.

Book reading can be taken as a technique that in some way makes a child familiar with the world. It’s also a way that can help you little to become a better human being  who see the world with a positive attitude and always remains ready to help people.

So, to better understand why reading important, you must go through the following points.

Have a look!


Develops and Expands Language Skills :

Reading with children is the best technique to enhance their language skills. They are good to observe but people around them speak and read. If you spend time reading to your child, you actually help them strengthen basic sounds that form language.


At the right age when the kids will start reading themselves, they will read more words and gain more exposure to content. This method enhances their vocabulary and help them to become a fine speaker and expressive. If you really want that your child could learn a new language, reading plays an essential role for it.


Helps to Learn New Things :

Every second you and your family are with your angel, the words you speak at your home most of the time repeat. So, it’s obvious that you also talk to your kid with those limited words.

So, reading book is always a better idea as it ensures that your child is learning something new.  Things learned at this time can help them for the lifetime. It does not matter that your kid is not able to speak; your reading with him somehow helping him learn new.


Increases Child’s Concentration  :

Most of parents think that how can reading be useful for a kid who can’t even say a single word yet? For some of people it may seem useless for their kids. However, reading to your child is as important as your love and care. Reading with your little is extremely important at this age.


By consistently reading to your child every single day, your little will learn to concentrate on the things. The habit of reading at this small age can help them sit for longer periods of time and no doubt this thing can be beneficial during their school time.


Develops Child’s Imagination :

Reading is also a good method to increase the imagination of a child. When you narrate the story, you can see the excitement in your child eyes. You can see the great benefits of this technique for your child’s growing imagination.

When we read a story book for our child, we get fully engaged in the characters and describe everything with full expression and interest to our child. Our actions increase the excitement in children and make them more curious to know what’s going to happen in the next page.  Their questions full of eagerness and keenness help in developing their imagination and creative power.


Helps Understand Emotions :

Reading book is one of the best methods to develop empathy in children. When they listen to the story, they somehow start relating themselves with the book’s characters. Children start to understand emotions and feelings that are associated with characters of stories.


In the simple words, we can say reading is a method which enhances the understanding level of your kid which can help him or her to become a better human being.


Makes Child-Parent Bond Strong :

Most of the parents due to their busy schedule don’t get enough time to spend with their kids. Obviously, if you are not spending required time with your baby, it can become a reason for a poor bond between you and your kid.

So, in such situation reading a story book specifically during bedtime can be a right way to make bond strong. Reading, talking and listening to your kid’s question and answering them in a polite way will really work to bring your little closer to you.


So, you must make a routine to read a book a daily for the entertainment of your child and brain’s development.

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Thank You.

Happy Parenting!

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