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5 Tips to Help Baby in Good Night’s Sleep

Taking care of your newborn will bring you lots of joy and excitement but you might be getting less time to sleep. Isn’t it? When your baby keep you awake all the night and you are unable to sleep more than two to three hours, you will feel exhausted.

At this time, you think that when this exhaustion will end and your baby will grow up. Every night passes thinking the same. Do you know you can fix all the sleep trouble you are facing? That’s right, you can get a good sleep along with your baby but you need to work a little bit. Today in this article we will discuss about the tips which could help your baby in good sleep. 😄


Some tips to help baby in good night sleep


1- Set a bedtime routine for your baby: – This is very important to establish a routine for bed to your baby. This will also teach predictability to your baby. Set a routine no later than 9:00 pm. You can simply wash up and then put night clothes on so that baby should be comfortable. Then you can read a book or sing a rhyme. Follow the same routine every night and at the same time. Your baby will get used to this routine and will help him to indicate that it’s time to go to bed and sleep.



2- Create a sleeping environment: – You can create good sleeping environment such as proper room temperature, swaddling if the baby is young, room darkening shades. You can do things which your baby is comfortable and he likes while sleeping but do not compromise safety. Implementing these things can promote restful sleep.




3- Make sure your baby is not hungry: – Babies cannot sleep well and longer if he is hungry. When baby take enough calories in day time, he/she will sleep all through night. If your baby is of less than 6 months and cannot take other foods then you should make sure to fill her up before sleeping. Make sure you give enough milk so that baby could sleep sound sleep for few hours.



4- Let baby sleep on its own: – This is very important for baby. You should make your baby to learn this skill. Baby should learn to fall asleep on her own so make put her down on bed when kid is drowsy but awake. Generally, parents sneak babies in cribs so the baby develops the habit to sleep with someone on side. So, do a favor to you and to your baby.



5- Do not rush immediately when baby awakes: – If your baby awakes at night, do not rush wait for few minutes before going in. Many parents run as they hear sound of baby whimper. Wait for few minutes give chance to baby to figure out how to self- settle. This habit will surprise you when you will see your baby back to sleep on its own.



Getting baby sleep throughout the night is not a big task. You just need to have some adjustment and set a routine. These tips will help you and your baby getting good night’s sleep. Happy parenting! 😄 I hope you like this article. Please comment in the box below if you have any more suggestions.



June 2, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 3 Comments


  • kiran thukral says:

    I feel very uncomfortable in night, when my baby goes awake. As I am working women, so due to inadequate sleep I feel sleepy in office hours. but from last week, I am daily follow the steps you described and found it useful for me. Thanks

  • Naina aggarwal says:

    Nice article.

  • Supinder cheema says:

    Nice article and impressively mentioned step by step information.

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