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Baby Massage – How It Should Be Done?

Baby Massage– a longstanding parenting tradition of soothing holds and rhythmic strokes by a parent or a primary care taker, given on each and every area of baby’s body following a sequence. Till the time babies are not able to speak, touch is a medium by which they communicate with the world.

Massage is an integral part in the life of new born babies. Baby massage not only helps in the overall development of the baby but also makes the baby active, alert and healthy.

Massage should be started only when you are capable of handling the baby. Initially it should be started with small sessions and when your tiny tot gets used to it then you can increase the timings of massage.


How to Massage your Baby?

  • Before starting the massage, first of all remove the accessories. As baby skin is very soft and delicate, bracelet and finger rings might hurt the newborn. Cut your nails and avoid using nail paint because long nails may harm your baby and nail paint may cause any infection. Along with this keep your nails neat and clean. Slightly warm your hands by rubbing them before starting the massage.
  • Before initiating the process keep all the necessary things needed ready like baby massage oil, towel, diaper, tissue, fresh clothes etc
  • Place the carpet where you are going to massage the baby and on the carpet spread a soft and furry towel so that your little wonder feels comfortable.
  • Remove the clothes of the baby and gently place your baby there with face upside. You can slightly warm baby oil as applying warm oil will be of great help in the whole process of massaging. But make sure it is not too warm.
  • Take little oil on your hand and apply on the baby’s body or you can take oil on the hand and massage the area and then go to the next area.
  • Give smooth, gentle and slightly firm strokes with the help of palm fingers and thumb. Make sure strokes are soft and light especially on neck, chest and stomach along with upward movement.
  • Ensure that you do not put much pressure on the baby’s body especially on spine and neck area as these areas are very delicate and can get hurt very easily.
  • Keep the baby engaged with you by maintaining eye contact with the baby or singing some songs so that the baby enjoy the massage or else baby starts crying while massaging.
  • Stop the massage slowly and steadily by keeping baby comfortable.
  • After done with the massage make your baby take a sponge bath by dipping towel in lukewarm water.
  • Finally, clean the baby with a dry towel, apply baby powder around the body and cover your baby with clothes. Cuddle your baby for some time and let baby sleep.
  • Never wake up the child especially for massage and do not massage the baby at the places where they have got the injections or vaccinations as it might hurt them.

Doing massage appropriately and with proper steps is very important. Baby massage not only improves the immune system but helps to improve the skin color of the baby as well. Baby massage can be done till your baby is three to four years old.

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