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Baby Massage

Baby Massage has immense range of benefits and with this massaging your baby is a perfect way to show your love and care for your baby. Massage soothes and calms baby, help him to sleep.

Baby Massage benefits include improvement in Weight Gain, Improving Blood Circulation, Easing Teething Pain and Aiding Digestion. Massage is not only relaxing but it is an amazing way to for you to bond with your baby.


What is Baby Massage?


Baby Massage is rhythmic stroking of your little one gently with your hands. You can use oil to make your hand glide over your baby’s skin. While massaging your baby you can talk softly or sing to your baby making him more comfortable and enjoyable for your baby.  The Soft and soothing strokes of your hands helps in production of oxytocin– feel good hormone in you and your baby both. Not only this, if your partner is also involved in the activity or mere watching it- he also experiences a good feeling. Oxytocin is responsible for the loving, warm feeling when you breastfed your baby or hold him close to you.


Benefits of Baby Massage


There are immense benefits of Baby massage for you and your baby and of course your partner as well.

Massage helps your baby to

  • Stay Relaxed
  • Sleep better
  • Cry and get fussy lesser
  • Develop mentally, socially and physically

There are a lot of benefits of baby massage for mothers

  • Lifts your mood
  • Develops a bonding with your baby
  • Makes you feel more empowered as a parent
  • Help to get relieve from post natal depression

Regular massage routine with dad, at bedtime helps to bring baby and partner closer together as usually fathers didn’t get much time to spend with baby just because of their busy schedule so it is a perfect way to bond them together. It is also the best stress releasing way for fathers. It acts as the best way to release stress for fathers.

Massage benefits for premature babies, as it results in:

  • Improved Weight gain, particularly when Sesame Based oil is used.
  • Massage stimulates vagus nerve, which connects brain with important parts of the body, including stomach. Stimulation of vagus nerve helps to improve digestion and bowel movement leading to weight gain.
  • More stable brain activity, Massaged Premature baby’s brain activity develops at a normal level as compared to premature babies who are not massaged.
  • More stable heart rate, Massage helps in keeping the heart rate of premature baby steady by improving the parts of the nervous system which regulates our organs.


When is the Best Time to Massage Baby?


Choose the time when your baby is not too full or too hungry. Prefer not to begin this activity when she is about to take a nap. The best time to massage baby is quite settled and fully awake.  When you find baby quite and interested in interacting with you, well it means this is the perfect time.

In case you are finding for the perfect time for baby massage and your baby is sleeping and taking feeding often. Then you should track your baby’s routine and find out when he is most contented and ready for it. You can make it a part of your baby’s bedtime routine, before his bedtime feed and after a soothing bath.

The time before bedtime is perfect as it is the best way to wind up the day, help to soothe him, calm and ready to sleep.


What all I need before Starting a Massage?


Choosing out a perfect room for baby massage is very important as it should be the place where you and your baby can comfortably enjoy the activity and stay undisturbed. Make sure that the place is warm. As per the temperature, you can decide whether you want to make your baby enjoy massage completely naked or you want to make him wear vest. Let your baby lay down on a towel, ensure a changing mat under him.

Baby Massage is always considered to be a very special time for you and your Munchkin, avoid all distractions in the room. Turn off your mobile phone and keep your pet in another room. Play some soft music if you want but keep the volume low enough so that he can listen to your voice.

Keep all necessities within your hand reach:

  • Sesame based Massage Oil
  • Towel
  • Baby Clothes
  • Nappy Changing Kit

Oil will make your hands easily and smoothly move over baby’s skin. Choose good quality oil which has high linoleic acid and low oleic acid content. You may use Coconut Oil or Sesame based Oil for baby massage. But as per Ayurveda, Sesame based oil is considered the best for Baby massage. It improves blood circulation & strengthens the body. It keeps the protective layer of baby’s skin healthy and nourishes it. It is good to use Coconut Oil and Sesame based Oil alternatively. You may use Mother Sparsh Lal tail as it contains highest percentage of sesame oil – 71.90% (High in linoleic acid).

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However, there are certain oils which are better not to be used:

  • Olive Oil (Figaro Oil) : (High Oleic acid content)
  • Mustard oil (Sarsonka tail) : (It has toxic effects on the skin barrier, causing irritation and potential damage to Baby’s delicate skin)
  • Unrefined Peanut Oil : (Proteins present may sensitize baby’s skin to allergic reaction to peanuts)
  • Aqueous Cream as it contain harsh detergent called sodium laurel sulfate, which irritates baby’s skin and ultimately damages the skin barrier.

In case your baby suffers from eczema, it is the advised to use pediatrician prescribed cream or emollient during the massage.


How should I Massage my Baby?


You have to make your baby use to the sensation of baby massage by giving gentle strokes. While changing nappy you are very often touch his legs so this is the perfect time to start it.

Start massage from legs, then arms, hands and finally body. It is always advised to follow a massage routine and patterns.

You can ask your health visitor or visit a children center and get enrolled in a baby massage course for learning the entire routine or technique.

In case you are thinking how to give baby massage at home and want to start right now, we have a Step by Step Guide of Baby Massage, or follow this routine:

  • Take some oil in your hand and warm your hands by rubbing.
  • Softly rub on your baby’s skin, starting from legs.
  • Now, move to the upper part of the leg and very gently squeeze his calves and thighs.
  • Moving to baby’s chest and tummy, softly place both hands flat against the center of his body. Gently spread your hands to the sides just like flattening the pages of a book.
  • With your hands still flat, make use your fingertips for making small circular rotations and stroking outwards.
  • Keep going with this activity, as far as your baby seems to be enjoying it.

The most important part of baby massage is reading your baby’s sign language. You Baby will tell you when to end the massage and which stroke he likes or dislikes the most.

In case your baby starts crying during the massage, it simply means done for today.


Baby Massage? If you have any other information to add on, then please add in comments.

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