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Baby’s Growth and Development Timeline: Crawling – Sitting – Walking

Baby’s learning to walk and achieving different developmental milestone is something every parent is eager to watch. There are complete steps which your baby is going to take on the journey to become an adept walker. Learning to walk involves a lot of efforts and steps involving signs that baby will walk soon.




Here is baby’s progress chart of development required to finally attain the walking milestone but remember it is just a rough guideline as some babies walk as early as 9 months and others as late as 17 months also.



Baby setting learning

When do babies start walking on average? The perfect reply is wide range of normal ages for baby to start walking independently. In case of any query you must consult your pediatrician.




Here is the Timeline (rough idea) of Baby’s Growth and Development:

Child’s Age

Developmental Milestone

0 -2 months

Does Step Reflex (Sucking, Rooting and Stepping Reflex). These reflexes help him develop and survive and they’re great entertainment for you. At the age of 2 months these reflexes disappears.

3 – 4 months

Here mini-pushups come in action. Holding up his head and chest by supporting him on his elbow and it helps in building his upper body muscles for walking.

5 months

Now Bouncing activity begins when you are holding him in standing position. It helps in building strength in legs. Baby leans forward on his arms for support and starts to “Tripod”.

Make Sure: Your little munchkin is gaining mobility. Time for Baby Proofing….

6 – 9 months

Baby Learns to Sit. Sitting without support requires baby to develop some important skills like balance, coordination, neck strength and head control which are must for walking also. Baby learn to crawl between the age of 7 to 10 months (some skip this activity and directly start to walk).

Baby learns to stand with some support and starts cruising (sliding step by holding nearby support).

Make Sure: Consult your Pediatrician, if your baby is not able to bear weight on his legs by 7 months and not able to sit without support by 9 months.

9-12 months

Learns to do deep knee bends for sitting after standing and also learns to pull up to standing position with the help of nearby object.

Baby will start standing without support for some time (few seconds) and may also start to walk without support. Here is the time when your Little one may make his first solo move.

12-15 months

Your baby starts walking, though in a fiddly manner. In some time your baby will learn to stoop and stand up again.

Finally, he has gained independence, which means pushing and pulling of all the things within his approach.

Must Know: Consult your Pediatrician, if your baby is not toddling till 14-15 months and figure out the situation. Give a second check to the baby proofing part.

16 -18 months

You’ll notice he’ll start dancing on music. Your toddler will be able to walk up and down stairs, but with help. Not only this, you may also observe he has learned to walk backward.

19 -24 months

There is going to be an increase in the speed to run. By the time he will be blowing two candles on his birthday cake, he can easily pick up things and carry in his hands while walking, kick a ball etc. Your baby will also be able to jump from some elevated place to floor.



Baby’s Growth and Development Timeline: Crawling, Sitting, Walking? If you have any other information to add on, then please add in comments.

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