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Top 5 Best Wet Wipes for your Baby – 2017

Best Baby Wet wipes is a must need when you enter parenting. You need wet wipes for baby on hand whether its baby’s play time, meal time or potty time. Initially wet baby wipes were considered to be needed only during the diaper duty time for swiping away poo from the soft baby bottom and to freshen it up.

Whether you’re tending to your baby on a changing table in your nursery or from a diaper bag in the backseat of your car, you’ll need to have baby wipes on hand. They’re the heavy lifters of diaper duty, swiping away yuck and freshening up that adorable apple bottom.

Here is the List of Best Wet Baby Wipes available in Indian Market for your ease:


Which is the best Wet Baby Wipes?

The wet wipes which you choose for your baby is your personal choice but if you get confused by the huge range of wet baby wipes in the market. Here is the list of factors you should focus on – Wetness, Natural Ingredients, Texture, Durability, Thickness, Eco-friendliness, Reusable v/s Disposable.

After wiping baby’s bottom, you will come to know what should be the perfect texture of wipes for baby’s potty time. Usually parents keep trying the brands available in the market then they come across the best wet wipes and feel satisfied

Best wet baby Wipes List:

Here is our best picks list for wet wipes available in the market.

Best wet Baby Wipes Picks

  1. Water Wipes

Water-WipesPrice of Water Wipes on Amazon: 550.00 Rs (60 pieces pack)

Why Water Wipes?

Water wipes is simplest wipes next to cloth & warm water. The ingredients list includes zero chemicals, 99.9% water with touch of grapefruit seed extract to stave mold. It can be used on baby’s sensitive skin from day one.

Musk know about Water Wipes

These wipes do not contain any chemical preservative, they can develop mold very quickly. So it is advised not to purchase too many wipes at a time

Avoid putting them in diaper warmer.

Pack& Price of Water Wipes:

Qty: 60 pieces; Price: 550.00/-

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  1. Babyganics Wipes

Babyganics-WipesPrice of Babyganics on Amazon: 209.00 Rs (80 pieces pack)

Why Babyganics Wet Wipes

Babyganics does not contain Alcohol, Parabens, Sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances & dyes. Another thing that is liked is it has a moisturizing blend of sunflower, cranberry, tomato and raspberry seed oils and the price is comparatively very cheap.

Musk know about Babyganics

There are may complain about the smell of these wipes so first buy a small packaging of babyganics in order to check the fragrance.

Pack & Price of Babyganics Wet Wipes:

Qty: 100 pieces; Price: 1659.00/-

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  1. Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes

Mother-Sparsh-98%-Water-WipesPrice of Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes on Amazon: 149.00 Rs (80 pieces pack)

Mother Sparsh Baby wipes are gem amongst all baby wipes brand in market as these wet wipes contain plenty of factors which are must to be taken care before buying baby wipes. Mother Sparsh wipes are 98% Water wipes with extra moisture. It is Alcohol free, Parabens free, pH balanced. These wipes are made of Non-Woven Spunlace fiber hence wipes are sufficiently thick to retain poop and ensure proper cleansing. Mother Sparsh wipes are proven for effectiveness and suitable to be used right from birth. Lesser price and greater benefits is Mother Sparsh

Must to know about Mother Sparsh 98% water Wipes

More than one wipe out while taking out wipes leading to wipes.

Pack & Price of Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes:

Qty: 80 pieces; Price: 150.00/-

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  1. Huggies Simply Clean Refreshing Wipes

Huggies-Simply-Clean-Refreshing-WipesPrice of Huggies Wipes on Amazon: 209.00 Rs (80 pieces pack)

Why Huggies refreshing wipes?

The best thing about Huggies is that you can easily get one wipe out with the hand as usually it is seen with other brands that in the procedure ofgetting one wipe you end up pulling 2-3 sheets at a time. You don’t have to struggle to open the package lid and pull the next wipe.

Must know about Huggies Baby wipes

Being very wet, huggies wipes are very thin & drippy

Pack & Price of Huggies Baby Wipes:

Qty: 80 pieces; Price: 220.00/-

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  1. Pampers Wet Sensitive Wipes

Price of Pampers Wet Wipes on Amazon: 287.00 Rs (56 pieces pack)

Softness counts when it comes baby’s skin-Pampers understand this thing completely. Pampers wipes gives the cloth like feeling so it amongst parents favorite brand.

Must know about Pampers wipes

The size of Pampers wipes seems to be smaller than other wipes

Pack & Price of Pampers Wet Sensitive Wipes:

Qty: 56 pieces; Price: 287.00/-

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Top 5 Best Wet Wipes for your baby in India -2017? If you have any other information, please add in comments.


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