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Head Control : Baby Development Milestone

At What Age, Babies Learn to Hold their Head Up?

At-what-age-babies-learn-to-hold-their-head-upInfant Head control is the foundation on which development of baby’s other movements are based. At the time of birth, baby has little control over his head as his motor skills and neck muscles are quite weak.

After development of this skill, foundation of later movement is laid- sitting up, crawling and walking. At the age of one month, baby will be able to lift his head. By 4 months he’ll be able to hold it up in sitting position and by finally till age of 6 months his head control and neck muscles will be strong and steady.




How do Babies Learn Head Control?How-do-babies-learn-head-control

Head control will be taken by your baby slowly and slowly in the time period of first six months.



In the first month, your baby will completely depend on you to support his head and neck.You need to be very soft and delicate with all your moves when your baby is in your arms.


1 to 2 months

After first month, your baby will be able to lift up his head slightly and turn it from side to side when lying on his stomach. He’ll gain enough head control to hold up his head briefly in a shaking manner but for a very short time.


3-4 months

By the time, you’ll notice an improvement in head control. Your ‘mini you’ will be able to raise his head to almost 45˚ while on his tummy and not only this he will be able to keep it up steadily now.

What you can do here is —Place you baby on his back and then slowly try to bring him to sitting position by pulling his back. Make sure you do it very gently and repeat it.

By this time, he’ll be ready to hold his head in line with the rest of the body and finally he is ready to be carried in a backpack now.


5-6 months

By 6 months, your little munchkin will be able to hold his head properly and you can a jogging stroller for him.


How can I help my Baby to Learn Head Control?

How-can-I-help-my-baby-to-learn-head-controlYou need to be very careful until your baby learns to keep his head steady and erect. In the beginning, make sure that your hold your baby’s head and neck when you hold, life and carry him. Make your baby sleep on his back and when he is awake give him ample tummy time bay making it fun and encouraging him to lift his head and chest. From the time period of 3-6 months, you need to give plenty of head and neck support with the help of pillows. It is advised to make your baby sit in different sections of the house so the view around him changes. Never underestimate the capabilities of your baby, which means not to leave him alone as he may topple over and can harm himself.



What to do if My Baby is not Holding up his Head?

In case your baby is still struggling head control till the age of 6 months then you consult your Pediatrician. It is a known fact that babies develop skill differently, some more quickly than others. Premature ones reach all the milestones slightly late than their peers. In case of any doubt or query you must visit your pediatrician.



What’s next- After my Baby Holds his Head Up?What’s-next-After-my-baby-holds-his-head-up

Establishment of good head control means your baby is ready for achieving Milestones of Baby Development like Sitting up, Rolling Over, Crawling etc. Head control is must for swallowing solid food.


Head Control: Baby Development Milestone? If you have any other information to add on, then please add in comments.

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