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6 Basic Parenting Tips For First – Time Parents

Having a new excitement of life in front of you after a long waiting period of 9 months and finally holding that cute little one is an amazing feeling that cannot be expressed in words . So, time has come to move home with the most awaited one and begin a life with this new family member.

What to do next? Is the question that arises? Brushing up on these tips will help the first time parents feel positive and confident about taking care of the new born.

Arrange a help:


  • Consider getting a help from a family member or a friend. If any such help is not available then recruiting a nurse for taking care of your newborn is also a good option. A nurse can be a great asset to learn how to hold and take care of your baby in the very initial phase . She can also give you proper guidelines about how to feed the baby.
  • But don’t forget to get the police verification done of the person (nurse) to be appointed for help.

Handling the New Born:


  • If this is the first time you are holding a new born, then delicacy might be one of the factor that can bother you. These are few vital tips to remember
  • Keep your hands clean by washing them regularly. Using a sanitizer is must as new born are susceptible to infections. Make sure who so ever handles the baby also keep their hands clean.
  • Carefully support the head and the neck of the baby while holding and when you lay him/her down.
  • Do not shake the baby as vigorous shaking can cause bleeding in the brain and even death. Do not shake your baby to wake up, rather blow your baby’s cheek gently or just tickle his/her feet.

Creating a Bond with your Baby:


  • Emotional growth is contributed by attachment in infants. Start cradling and gentle stroking in different pattern in order to develop a bond with your baby. Giving a gentle massage is always beneficial as it not only generates attachment but also stimulates physical growth.

Cleaning Process-Changing the diapers:


  • You need to have all the supplies within your reach before beginning the process of cleaning and changing of diaper. Here you need:
  • A clean Diaper
  • Baby Powder ( be careful with its use & it is advised to use ayurvedic baby powder)
  • Warm water
  • Clean wipes (Use only Water Wipes i.e Mother Sparsh Water Wipes, so as to prevent infection & allergy)
  • At an average a baby dirties a diaper around 10 times a day so it is a hectic task. Always prefer a good quality diaper as it can reduce the time of changing it. Make sure to pat dry the baby’s skin after removing the dirty diaper with the help of baby powder order to avoid the risk of rashes.



  • Take help of some elder family member who is experienced or a nurse before giving the first bath to your baby yourself. Give sponge bath to your baby until 4 weeks. Giving him/her baths two or three times in a week is sufficient for the first year. Frequent bathing may lead to skin dryness. For sponge bath use soft and clean wash cloth, ayurvedic baby soap and ayurvedic baby body wash, warm water and soft clean towel.

Let your baby lay down on tummy:


  • Babies spend most of their time on their back so it is very important to put your baby on his/her tummy because some of the motor skills are encouraged only when your baby is lying on his/her stomach. In the beginning, start this activity by doing it only for 5 min once in a day. Later you can increase the duration of time for ten minutes. Stay with your baby throughout during this tummy time activity.


Welcome to – India Parenting Blog. We are here to help all the parents to raise healthier & happier babies and enjoy every chunk & bit of this beautiful phase called “Parenthood” blessed by Almighty.

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