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April 12, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

Importance of Vaccinations For Babies

As a Parent, Protecting your child health is very important to you. It is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it after it occurs. Vaccination is the powerful defense that is safe as well as effective. Diseases that are common around the world include polio, measles, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), rubella (German …


April 12, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

How to Bottle feed a baby (New Born)

Although Breastfeeding is the ideal way to Nourish a baby, there are many moms who chose to bottle feed their newborn. There is an art to successfully bottle feed a baby. Some feeding positions and strategies are required to make it comfortable for a baby to feed. There are important steps that need to be …


February 9, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

10 Tips to stay in Fit during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is overwhelming and a miraculous thing which changes a life of women. When women are pregnant, she generally asks and surf question to every activity she performs. Fitness is something that is very important. If you do not maintain fitness, it will be a big mistake. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to …


January 31, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

Know about importance of Kangaroo care for baby?

New parents mean lots of new thing to learn and know. Have you ever hear about Kangaroo Care? It really sounds funny but it doesn’t mean to take care of Kangaroo. So, what actually is it? Let’s discuss about it and its benefits in the following article.   What is Kangaroo Care? Kangaroo Care is …



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