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How to Choose Skincare Products for Your Baby?

Getting ready for newborn is very exciting but it also brings lots of worries. New parents walking through baby store see thousands of baby products. They often get confused which one should they buy. When you have gone for shopping for your baby, buy the ones which are safe for their delicate skin.

You might be thinking that what type of product you should buy and which products you should ignore? We will help you to decide so read below article.



Why does baby need special products for their skin?

It is important to buy products that are specially designed for babies. Babies are cute and cuddly but they are unlike adults. Their skin is too delicate, fragile and loses water faster. Their body surface area is more which means that that whatever you apply to them can reach easily to their blood stream. So it’s necessary to choose the baby products wisely.



How should you choose skincare products for baby?

First thing before buying a skincare product is to look the product label. Look is it made for babies and check mildness of product. Other things you need to check are:-

  • Read if the product is suitable for that age group of baby you want.
  • Check the date of manufacturing and also the expiry date.
  • Check for how long the product can be kept after opening.
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • Description about the product and for what it is?
  • Read the cautions or indications carefully.
  • Check for ingredients of product. Do not buy the product with any ingredient by which your baby is allergic.


Why should you use Alcohol free products?



Alcohol in skincare products make skin dry and can cause skin irritation. It should not be present in baby skincare product as it can harm his/her skin.

Check for the ingredient list properly as sometimes alcohol is also listed as ethanol or ethyl alcohol. So check properly before buying any baby skincare product.



What does label term indicates on skincare products?

Here are some terms which are used in skincare products:-

  • Antibacterial /antimicrobial – It means that it destroys the growth of bacteria.
  • Dermatologic ally tested – This term means “tested on the skin”. This test is checked afterwards by a medically qualified person.
  • Hypoallergenic – It means that there are fewer chances to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Organic- The products which are organic contains more than 95 per cent of organically produced ingredients.
  • pH balanced – It generally have product which have pH close to healthy skin. These products can have pH of 4.5 to 5.
  • Natural – A substance which is derived from nature.
  • For sensitive skin – These products rarely cause any skin irritation but it is different from skin allergies.

There are some terms that one can see in Baby skincare products and you should know what they mean.


Should you do patch test on baby before using new product?


You should always do a patch test before using any moisturizer and lotion to your baby as they are mildly fragranced. Do a patch test before applying, particularly if your skin is dry.

Apply some product to small area on baby’s skin whether on arm or on leg. Wait for 24 hours to see that the product is comfortable to him or it cause any reaction. Reaction shows sign like redness, itchiness or flaky. It your baby show any of these sign, stop using the product immediately.

Being a parent is tough job. You need to be careful and be aware about the products you are using   to your baby. So, cherish every moment with your baby. 😀

June 17, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 3 Comments


  • Ashu shetty says:

    I am very concerned about my babies supple skin. Recently, I purchased baby products from Firstcry. I ordered “Baby on the Go” kit which I found very impressive as it contain all the stuff I needed for my babies soft and supple skin.

  • Gohar Mohamad says:

    Nice review. Can I apply sunscreen on my baby.

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