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Vitamins and Minerals Required for Toddlers

It is highly necessary that your child is taking a healthy diet to remain fit and fine. For a healthy growth and development, kids need high-quality nutrition. A nutritious diet is necessary for muscle, bone, and brain development, as wells as to build a strong immune system for the lifetime. So, you should give a diet that contains good amount of vitamins and minerals which boost the body’s functions.

Both vitamins and minerals support various body functions. Vitamins A, D, E, B, and K and minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc help maintain a strong health, build strong bones, muscles, and a sharp memory.

Here are some important points that can give you an idea why a minerals and vitamins are necessary for your child.


Iron :

Iron is one of the most important minerals your baby needs. A diet which is poor in iron can lead to various problems in babies that are related to their behavior, growth, and health. Moreover, your little can also suffer from anemia. Due to prolonged iron deficiency your kid mental development can get affected. Besides this, his performance in school and other activities can also slow down.


So, it is important that you are giving iron enriched food to your baby such as spinach, dates, chikoo (sapodilla), potatoes, fortified grain flour and beetroots.


Fluoride :

Newborns don’t need fluoride. However, once your infant is about six months old and his teeth start erupting, he will need fluoride to keep them strong and growing well. Providing your baby fluoride supplements is also good but getting too much fluoride can lead to fluorosis or staining of their teeth. It is usually best to give your baby fluoridated water.


If you are thinking to provide fluoride supplements, consulting a pediatrician is necessary. Your child may not be getting enough fluoride if he or she is drinking any of the following:

  • Well water
  • Tap water that is not fluoridated
  • Bottled water that does not have added fluoride
  • Water that is filtered of fluoride
  • Ready-to-feed formula exclusively


Vitamin D :

Your child needs vitamin D for growth of the bones. It is also necessary to prevent tuberculosis, pneumonia, and bronchiolitis. This vitamin is highly essential for the children who are more vulnerable to Pneumonia. Vitamin D is also important for the absorption of calcium to make bones strong.


Milk, fish, eggs, curd and cheese are good to give to your child. Furthermore, also make sure that your child spends enough time in the sunlight.


Vitamin A :

Vitamin A supports eye sight and immune system. It is important to support eyesight and immune function. It is essential to prevent blindness and recover infectious diseases like measles and diarrhea. Feeding your child with Vitamin A can improve eyes and their immunity.

Foods such as dark leafy greens, milk, dairy products, eggs, orange and vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and potatoes are good to eat to increase the intake of Vitamin A.


Zinc :

Zinc is important for cell growth, metabolism, and immunity. The deficiency of zinc can reduce your child’s immunity and limit your child’s growth specifically in terms of height.


Whole grains, fortified cereal, nuts, dairy products, beans, and meat are good to give your child as these are high in zinc content.


Iodine :

Iodine is a mineral found in some foods. Our body needs iodine to develop thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are necessary for the bone and brain development of baby during pregnancy. Iodine controls the thyroid gland, which regulates the body’s energy usage and mental development. It is highly necessary to provide food enriched with iodine to kids so that they can remain stay away from disorders that can cause due to deficiency of iodine.


The common sources of dietary iodine are saltwater fish, cow’s milk, cheese, eggs, soy milk, soy sauce, and yogurt. Give all these foodstuffs to your child and keep him fit and fine.

For the well-being of a child it is necessary that you are providing a healthy diet to him. Remember, kids also require an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins as adults need. So, being a good parent it’s your duty to take care of all necessary things required for baby’s better growth.

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