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Being a parent no doubt you take care of your baby in all ways. From food to health you always remain concerned for your baby needs and so, dental health also an essential part of baby’s overall health. Usually, most of parents don’t pay much attention to their child’s oral health. However, taking care of kids teeth is important like other basic needs.

Not only do people forget to take care of their baby oral hygiene but also trust various myths related to baby’s teeth. These myths have been confusing people for long years to choose right for their baby’s teeth so, it’s important to know the truth.

If you want to know about some common misconceptions related to baby teeth, you must read the following important information.


Myth #1: Baby Teeth are not Important

Your child’s teeth also known as primary teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. But it does not mean that baby teeth are no important. These teeth hold the space until the permanent teeth grow in place.

Your baby will not lose his teeth until he is ten or twelve years old. Baby teeth are essential like permanent teeth as they help your to eat and talk.


 Myth #2: Cavities in Baby Teeth don’t Matter

A dental cavity is also known as tooth decay. If it is left untreated, your child can suffer from severe toothache. Besides this, dental cavity is a bacterial infection that can spread through the bloodstream and affect child’s overall health. Cavities occur when the bacteria make little holes in the teeth.


Without treatment it becomes difficult to reach the bacteria in the hole and aggravate the condition. Cavities occur due to poor dental hygiene so, it is necessary to take care of baby’s teeth.


Myth #3: Kids should not Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Most of the people think that fluoride toothpaste is not safe for kids. But it’s not like that. Fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel and extremely helpful in preventing tooth decay. So, you always make sure that your child is drinking enough water and also using toothpaste containing fluoride.

Fluoride does not affect your child’s teeth health; even it makes teeth more resistant to decompose.


Myth #4:Baby Teeth do not need to Be brushed too Often

We all know that brushing is highly necessary to keep teeth healthy and problem-free, so the same is true for baby teeth. You should properly clean your baby’s mouth right away by gently wiping once a day with a clean washcloth. Once teeth start to come, brushing can be started with a fingertip toothbrush or soft bristled brush.

If your child is three years old or less, you should brush the teeth twice a day with a good quality toothbrush and toothpaste.


Myth #5: Childis Prone To Cavities Because Of Genetics

It’s another major misconception among people that cavities are hereditary issue. Teeth are coated with enamel – the toughest material in the body. Although dental health can have an impact of genetics, it is relatively small.

In most the cases, cavities are the reason of poor dental hygiene. So, it is highly necessary to take care of baby’s teeth before he suffers a lot.


Myth #6 :Child does not need any Dental Checkup

Your child’s oral hygiene starts long before his first tooth comes.  Dentists always recommend wiping baby’s gums with a wet strip of gauze. Additionally, it is also important to visit dentist time to time for the better care of child’s teeth.


You can start visiting dentist when your child age is one year or six months. It is also good to see a dentist when your child first tooth erupts. It is the best time when a doctor can give you the right advice for the care of your child teeth. For brushing your baby’s teeth  you need to use only a very soft children’s toothbrush.


Myth #7 :Teething Can Make Your Baby Sick

You might have heard that teething can cause diarrhea, fever, and other health problems, recent studies show symptoms are quite small. Gum irritation, drooling and inflammation are the common symptoms that can arise due to teething. Although in some cases, baby’s body temperature can rise due to teething, consulting doctor is important.

So, for the better care of your baby’s teeth, you must ignore all these above-mentioned myths. Your baby also needs a proper oral care like adults so, ensure that you are making every possible effort for the baby’s dental care.

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