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First Month with your Newborn

The first few weeks with the Newborn are Magical. A baby brings lots of changes in life.With this little bundle of joy comes with the number of responsibilities that you are unaware of. You might have prepared well before but still new parents face lots of challenges.

Moreover, the suggestions from your friends, relatives and others will leave you in dilemma. Do not worry; here in this article, we will help you in listing some points that will make your journey with baby pleasant, smooth and easy.


Ways to survive the first month with your baby :


 1.  Take Help:-

Do not hesitate in asking help. You are not a superhuman that can do everything and in a perfect manner. You will require lots of help to make the first month easy.


There are numerous tasks to do which you will not be aware of. You can ask someone to cook the meal, do laundry or take care of your baby when you are busy. Accept all the offers made to you that will be a big relief on your burdened shoulders.


2.  Divide Duties:-

There will be huge load of responsibilities on both of you. So, being a parent to little one means to share the work equally. You cannot do everything on your own try to make a list of duties and divide them among yourself. Make sure not to burden up your partner with responsibilities.


3.  Set up a routine: –

Make a routine for everything. Set a wake up time and sleep time as your baby will adapt it accordingly. Looking for your baby activities establish a cycle throughout the day. When a routine is set it will be easier to manage the work and you can also take out some time to finish other tasks which are pending from a long time.


4.  Sleep when the baby sleeps: –

You might have heard this phrase from others too.  So, do follow this rule. Newborn means depriving from sleep. Try to take a nap when your newborn is sleeping.


This will help you to take proper rest. Taking adequate sleep will help you out to be fit and to take proper care of your baby. If you are depriving from sleep, you will be restless and can make yourself unhealthy.


5.  Eat Healthy: –

Yes, it is difficult to pay attention to the diet you are having in all the chaos lying around. Make sure to take healthy balanced diet as it is very important to keep you fit. If you are not eating or just eating the leftover you will fall sick which can also affect your baby.


Your body needs proper nutrition to recover. Set a routine for your healthy diet as it will be beneficial for you as well as for your kid.


6.  It’s ok to say “No”:-

Being the parent to a newborn means lots of stuff needs to be taken care of. Try to say “No”. Avoid loading yourself with lots of unnecessary responsibilities. You can socialize when your baby is little older. For now, say no to the invitation and avoid inviting your friend and relatives to your home as it will make you and your baby uncomfortable.


7.  Learn to say sorry: –

You and your partner are going through very significant changes in life. The way of parenting is different for every parent. Try to create consistency for your little one.


Do not explode stress on each other. Apologize to your partner if you are wrong. It’s not a big deal.


Routine is the first thing that you need to set. Your life will be much easier and you can give time to your baby as well can spend time with your partner. The first month with your baby can be very hard but it will add up to your experience as well. This will also be a memorable time for you and your partner.

Ask for help whenever required and take out some time for yourself as it will keep you energetic and fit which will help you to take proper care of your baby. Try to keep control on your emotions as it is the reality you need to face them. Figure out what’s important for you and your baby. This will help you to cope up with challenges in the first month with your baby.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please like and share. We would also like to know from experienced parents how was their first month with newborn?

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