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The Steps to a Loving Baby Bath

Giving your baby the first bath? But what if he slips from your hand or the water enters his ears? What if you press your baby’s belly a little too hard unknowingly? There can be unlimited questions you might ask in fear when giving your newborn his very first bath. It is ever more difficult if he is your first. Holding that tiny delicate life in your hands is no less than a miracle and you just cannot believe that he needs a bath. But yes, he does. How would you manage to do so?

No worries we’ll help you give your little angel his first bath step-by-step. The steps are sure to guide you through the before and after bathing tips, the precautions you need to take, for example, holding your baby, or how safe your washroom should be.


Preparing for the Bath :

Bathing a baby is no less than a ritual that needs careful preparations. From checking on the perfect water temperatures to the products you need, the feeding schedule of the baby and so on.




Bathing a baby is a ritual that needs meticulous preparation. You need to keep several things ready before you bathe your baby. You would have to check in on the bath products, the temperature of the water, the baby’s feeding schedule, body temperature, and more.


Gather All the Essentials :

Remembering that you do not have your wallet when checking out from a restaurant can be pretty painful right? The feeling will be same if you forget something when giving your little angel a bath. Why is it worst? Of course you cannot leave the baby alone. Hence, you as a mommy should not forget to line up all the essentials from the bathtub to the baby products.




Remember to keep all the products you need at a one arm’s distance from the bathtub. Soap, shampoo, and towels are something you need in the washroom; however, products like moisturising cream, baby powder, and a hairbrush are required in the room. Keeping a diaper handy can never be a bad idea. You may also put some toys in the bathtub once your baby is few months old. This would keep him engaged and make it easy for you to give him that perfect bath.


The Clothes and Accessories Check :

Make sure the clothes that your baby wears are breathable, soft, and comfortable. Avoid the ones that have zippers, buttons or any other emanating objects. While giving your baby a bath, remove any jewellery you wear on your hands, for example, finger rings, as it may scratch the baby’s skin. Also, make it point that you trim your nails as the baby’s skin might get scratched.


The Baby Bathing Tub :

Should you really take time while selecting a bathtub for your little? Of Course! It is when buying a bathtub, the parents should decide on things like size, material, make, etc. Follow the steps below for a perfect Bathtub:

  • The bathtub should not be slippery. If any slippery material is used, the baby can easily slip and get injured. Also, even if it is a slippery or a non-slippery tub; do not forget to spread a cloth at the base to avoid any worse conditions.
  • Never use an adult bathtub because it may become difficult to hold the baby correctly while bathing.
  • Among the various types of bathing tubs, buy the one that helps you hold the baby’s head and keep it floating.
  • Make sure the tub is not deep even to submerge the baby partially.




  • Kitchen sink can be used for bathing the baby. However, make sure it is well cleaned and the faucet is covered with thick cloth/ faucet cover. This makes sure that the baby is not hurt while he plays during the bath.
  • For the newborns, keep in mind that you add very less water in the tub. However, keep increasing the level of water as your child grows up.


Keeping the right Water Temperature :

A bit hot water on your skin can be irritant, then imagine the harm it will do to your baby’s super sensitive skin. A parent should keep a comfortable water temperature to give their angel a perfect bath. 36ºC and 38ºC are the best water temperatures for the baby.




To check if the water is perfect, do the elbow test. This is because; your elbow is the most sensitive part of the body. If in case the elbow feels warm, just add a bit of cold water. Also, to know the exact water temperature, use a thermometer.

Hence, with this, you are now ready to give your little angel a fun and loving bath. Know any other ideas that one can use when giving the perfect baby bath? Share your ideas in the comments below. Also, if our write-up helped you in choosing the essentials for the baby bath hit the like and share button.

Happy parenting!


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