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Baby Hygiene Tips Every New Mom Should Follow

Already stepped into the world of motherhood? I am sure there would be certain things that keep you worried about safeguarding your baby’s health and constant development in this not so clean world. However, adapting the simple yet very essential hygiene habits can help make your infant’s life lovable and disease-free. Clueless about how to take care of all this, you stopped by at the right destination. Know all to give the best to your little one.

No matter if its an 80 year man or just 80 minutes old baby, hygiene is something that plays a very important role in keeping a check on overall well-being. Cleanliness is not the only thing that helps in maintaining hygiene, however, when it comes to keeping the surrounding of the baby, one must pay special attention to keep the baby away from all the harmful infections. Hence, given below are some hygiene essential tips for you ‘New Mommy’:


1.   Keep your Hands Clean  :

Okay so now it is not just the moms that need to keep their hands clean but everyone in and out of the family who comes to visit the baby should consider this the most essential of all hygiene tips. Make sure you clean your hands with a hand sanitizer, of course of a good brand, before you touch the baby. This will help prevent your child from the many infection causing germs. Also, make sure you wash the hands before feeding the baby and at the time of preparing baby food. Changing nappies is anyways a dirty task and cleaning is all important.


2.   A Happy Bath for the Little One  :

Skin infections are something that the baby is most prone to, so, give the little one a happy bath. A regular bath helps the baby to be neat and tidy. The diaper area, hands and the face should be given special attention. Also, for the infants, a sponge bath can be beneficial till its naval heals properly, however, make sure that the sponge/towel that you use is super soft.


3.   Change the Diaper Regularly  :

One of the important tasks when keeping a healthy baby hygiene is to keep changing the diaper on regular intervals. Also, do to forget to wipe off the bottom with soft baby wipes *do not keep them wet*. This regular changing will help prevent from diaper rashes that are sure to hurt that soft skin.


4.   Keep a Check on Fingernails  :

Over-grown nails are sharp and the baby might get hurt by scratching him/herself so, trim them short. Also, disease carrying germs are present in the dirty nails which are easily transferred when the baby puts the hand in mouth. Use a sanitized fine clipper to cut the nails short. The best time you can do this is when the little angel is sleeping. The toenails should also be kept in check. You sure don’t want the kid to hurt him/herself.


5.   Other Important Things to keep in Mind :

The next small things you as a mom should keep in mind are:

  • Do not let mucous get deposited on the eyes. Gently wipe off the dirt and mucous with a soft damp cloth to prevent the baby from any certain eye infection.
  • Dried mucous in the nose can lead to tough breathing and irritation, so make sure you clean the mucous deposit with a soft damp cotton cloth/wipe.
  • The ears of your baby are way too soft so, make sure you clean them very gently. Use cotton ear swabs/buds to do so. Never insert the swab in the ear, but, only clean the outer part of the ear. Keep a check on the baby when cleaning the ears. If he/she gets irritated with you touching the ear, there can be a possible sign of ear infection. The only solution to this is to consult the pediatrician immediately to ease the discomfort.
  • Last but not the least; keep those sweet little toys clean and sanitized. This is because; most babies have this habit of sucking everything, especially when they are teething. So make sure all the baby’s favorites are clean and safe to use.
  • Regularly sterilize the milk bottles after every use.
  • Try installing air purifiers in your home. This will also keep away the house flies and mosquitoes, that are sure to bring in germs with them.

6.   Keep your Home Sanitized  :

The most harmful microbes and germs that can harm your Bab

y are all present in your home. Yes! Imagine your baby putting sipper back in his/her mouth after accidentally dropping it on the floor. It is a big no! no!. Make sure you use the best disinfectants to clean the floor, especially the areas your baby loves playing in. Also, keep the kitchen clean

Help your little angel enjoy his life without any obstructions. Follow these tips along with your own cleaning methods to keep your baby’s health and immunity at its best.


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