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Basic of Bathing a Baby

Everybody is at joy with add-on of new member in the family. Newborn baby is the big responsibility and so is its first bath. If you going to be parent soon, do not worry. Here is some advice for your baby first bath. Mostly parent want to be aware of how and when to give a baby bath.

In general, cleaning a soft, delicate and slippery screaming infant is a task and it needs practice. So relax, every time giving bath to your baby will make bathing baby easier. Your baby will soon love to splash in the water while bathing.


How often do you give a newborn a bath?

A newborn baby should not be bathing daily. Two to three times is enough for your newborn to give bathe in a week. You just need to keep the diaper area clean very well and should wash their hands several times a day. Newborns do not get that dirty that they need a proper bath daily.

For older babies, bath time can be given regular basis, Sometimes bath time becomes part of baby bedtime routine which is also a great way to help your baby to relax and sleep faster.


Why Sponge Bathing is given to newborn baby:-

It is preferable to give sponge bath to babies, before his/her umbilical cord stump falls off which probably takes two to three weeks after birth to fall. Sponge bath is good as it avoid getting the cord stump wet.


How do you give a newborn a sponge bath?


  • Lay your baby on a soft and a flat surface. You can use a soft baby towel.
  • Keep a bowl full of warm water and sponge ready.
  • Do not undress your baby instead keep him warmly wrapped and expose only one part at a time and gently wash it.
  • Pat the area dry and then start with next limb.
  • If you accidently get the stump wet, use a towel to pat it dry.



How do give baby bath after the cord falls off?

After the cord falls off, your baby is ready for a real bath in a baby bath tub. Giving baby bathe can be difficult for a single person. It is better to take help of your partner or any other family member. To hold slippery little ones it is required to place a soft towel at the bottom of the tub. Assemble everything nearby beforehand as you won’t need to scramble during baths.


List of things needed during baths for babies:-


  • A soft bathing towel
  • A soft sponge
  • Cotton Balls
  • A soft baby soap or baby wash
  • A baby brush

You need to take up to 2 inches of warm water for your baby effective bath. Try to give bath as soon as possible to protect baby from getting chilled. Hold your baby firmly and gently wash the debris or any loose skin. Hold head of your baby back and wash gently. In particularly, pay attention to the areas such as:-

  • The genitals and diaper areas
  • The hand and feet, also check between toes and fingers.
  • Neck, thighs and wash all the fold at the back of knees.
  • The face and take cotton ball to clean the area around the eyes.
  • Be careful washing the ears.
  • Armpits as it can accumulate sweat or any fuzz from sleep suits.


Baby bath water Temperature:-

Baby skin is very sensitive that adults so take care of the temperature of water for babies. The temperature that you feel comfortable can be hot for her. So test the temperature of water with your elbow. Feel the temperature if it is warm, it is good for her.

Finally, do not be afraid if your baby cries during first few baths. Just make sure keep the temperature of room warm, bath water comfortable and soothe him/her by singing or caressing. This will help baby to soon love the bath.

So, enjoy this bonding time with your baby. Please post your comments and suggestions in the box below. We will be happy to know your view.

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July 15, 2017 · Baby and Ayurveda · 3 Comments


  • Jassu Goyal says:

    Thanks for providing such a beautiful well-read article, I am always feel confused while bathing my baby. After reading this I attached a list on my door containing things I need for my baby bath.

    A soft bathing towel
    A soft sponge
    Cotton Balls
    A soft baby soap or baby wash
    A baby brush

    Now I feel so relaxed.

  • Nandini says:

    Nice article. But still confuse should I use Johnson and Johnson baby soap or body wash for my baby. Please suggest.

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