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Best Baby Wipes For Newborns

July 5, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

7 Myths about Baby Teeth that You Must Know

Being a parent no doubt you take care of your baby in all ways. From food to health you always remain concerned for your baby needs and so, dental health also an essential part of baby’s overall health. Usually, most of parents don’t pay much attention to their child’s oral health. However, taking care of …


April 12, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

6 Basic Parenting Tips For First – Time Parents

Having a new excitement of life in front of you after a long waiting period of 9 months and finally holding that cute little one is an amazing feeling that cannot be expressed in words . So, time has come to move home with the most awaited one and begin a life with this new …


April 12, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

Baby Massage – How It Should Be Done?

Baby Massage– a longstanding parenting tradition of soothing holds and rhythmic strokes by a parent or a primary care taker, given on each and every area of baby’s body following a sequence. Till the time babies are not able to speak, touch is a medium by which they communicate with the world. Massage is an …


April 12, 2018 · Baby and Ayurveda · No Comments

How to Care Newborn Baby – Health Tips

Care of newborn baby is not an easy task for parents especially for new parents. It needs a special attention and awareness of important things. In Ayurveda, one of the eight branches is the “kaumarbhritya” which presently deals with the care of the infants and children. Astanga Haridaya is one of the authoritative treatises of …



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