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What Should You Do for Better Baby’s Hygiene?

If you have stepped into the world of the motherhood, you may be concerned for your newborn child. Isn’t so? Well, this is a usual thing that happens with every mother. For the better care of the baby, it is necessary to maintain a good hygiene. Baby’s hygiene and health are always related to each other. A good hygiene plays an essential role to keep your angle fit and fine.


So, being a careful parent, you should always take care of kid’s hygiene. And for this thing,  you have to pay attention to both the baby’s body and surrounding area.


All new mothers should follow these good baby hygiene essentials:


Wash Your Hands before Handling Your Newborn :

This is one of the most important steps that you must take for a baby’s hygiene. Babies’ immune system is not so strong as adults so they are more susceptible to infection. Therefore, it’s important to frequently wash your hands, specifically before feeding and after a diaper change.


Besides this, you should ensure that other family members take care of this essential thing before holding a kid.

You should Wash hands particularly:

  • Before handling premature babies
  • During the baby’s first week while the umbilical cord is still attached
  • If you have a cough/cold
  • After returning from outside
  • After cleaning or touching your baby’s poo
  • After using the bathroom


Bathe Your Baby Regularly :

Giving a regular fresh bath is very important to keep baby clean and away from infections. Special care needs to be taken to keep your child’s face, hands, and diaper area clean. As your baby is still growing, you can observe various places with skin folds such as neck area, thigh region, and the arms. These skin folds of your cutie need extra care.


You need to ensure that all skin folds are cleaned regularly and also kept dry by applying a soft baby talcum powder.


Clean Eyes :

For a baby, it’s natural to build slime around the eyes. It is necessary to clean slime on a daily basis as it can become hard to clean later. Therefore, cleaning of the eyes is necessary so that your little can feel comfortable.


Newborns eyes are very delicate so require utmost care while cleaning. The best way to clean your child’s eye is to take a clean cotton ball. Dip the ball in clean, war, water and gently clean the eyes. You need to start from the inside corner of your baby’s eyes and move to the outward corner. The buildup of slime around the eye can make a kid feel bad after waking up from a nap.


Clean Ears :

Only wash the outer portion of your baby’s ears, not the inside. You should never insert cotton wool buds into your baby’s ears. If your kid is behaving strange, unhappy and touching his ears repeatedly; it could be a sign of infection.

In such case, you should make sure that you take the help of a professional doctor for right advice.


Have a Clean Home :

You don’t need to clean the house every day, you just need to pay attention to surfaces that are most likely to harbour bacteria and germs. You should focus on the areas that have a lot of contact with food, hands, and bodies, such as bathrooms, dining chairs, and tables. You should clean these areas accurately.

Besides cleaning also keep these areas dry.


Keep Toys Clean :

You might have noticed babies love to put things in their mouths and toys are their favourite. By doing this, your kid can take germs into their body. So, wipe hard plastic down and also make sure you wash them.


Clean Baby’s Bottom :

For cleaning the baby’s bottom, it’s great if you use superior baby wipes. Nowadays, wipes have become trendier among mothers to keep babies’ bottom clean. The cleaning is always necessary after every diaper change for keeping baby safe from various infections. For this purpose, you can use Mother Sparsh Water Baby Wipes, as these are plant-based an contains 98% water in them.


If you really care for your baby’s hygiene, you must keep these points in mind while handling your little.

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