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Eat Sleep Poop Pee and Repeat.. 5 Hacks to Make Sure Your Baby Never Gets a Diaper Rash

One unpleasant thing that can happen to your little one is the Diaper Rash. The rash can be seen in the form of allergies, chafing or sin infection. Though it is very common in babies and easy to treat, one should know the types of infections and the ways to treat them. Also, it is not always possible to get a rash. It all depends on how well the baby’s hygiene and surroundings are kept.

In the blog we’ll b talking about 5 tips and tricks to avoid getting a diaper rash, however, first let us go to the types of rashes your baby can get and why.


  1.    Infrequent Changes

To all the moms, make sure you change the baby’s diaper after certain intervals. Also, keep a check on her/her cleanliness by wiping off the diaper area with soft cotton cloth or good branded baby wipes.


 2.    Yeast Infections

Yeast infection is termed as one of the most common diaper rashes. This is because of the antibiotics that are administered in the mother’s body during birth. These antibiotics are easily exposed to the baby’s body through breast feeding, which can develop into diaper rashes at the time of overgrowth. The most common yeasts that infect the babies is Candida Albicans.


3.    Possible Illness or Early Teething

Health issues like Diarrhoea comes along with teething. The reason for the same is that babies tend to drool excessively during this time and thus, swallowing more drool plays with the bowels. Diarrhoea means frequent stools and excess cleaning, which may easily lead to rashes.


4.      Food Sensitivities and Allergies

Food sensitivities in babies mainly occur with foods that are citrus or acidic in nature (tomatoes for example). Also, one must keep a check on baby while feeding (also at time of breastfeeding) to find if he/she is allergic to certain food that may cause the rash.


5.      Imbalance in the Gut System

Eczema, diaper rash, psoriasis and other health issues are a result of Gut Flora Imbalances.


6.      Fabrics or Detergents

When cloth diapering your baby, usually to the infants, the detergent or fabric softeners used to wash them might be irritant to the baby’s skin, thus causing rashes on the bumps. Also, certain fabrics like synthetics can cause skin irritations.


Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Diaper Rashes


 1.   Changing the Baby’s Diaper

Moms get to know when their babies are peeing or pooping, the two everyday things that leave the child’s skin soft, damp and vulnerable to diaper rashes. Hence, to prevent it, change that diaper as soon as you feel that the diaper is wet.


 2.   Rinse the Bottom

After changing the diaper, make sure you clean the baby’s bottom by rinsing it with water or with the damp cloth.


 3.   Dry Bottom

Give your baby time to dry-out properly before you tuck in the next diaper. Put a towel under the baby to avoid any messes and leave him feeling free for a while. Also, never apply any diaper cream until the skin is completely wiped off. Diaper/cream on wet skin means developing rashes because of the trapped in moisture.


 4.   Never Scrub Baby’s Bottom

No matter if you are washing, wiping or drying the baby’s bottom; make sure you do not harshly scrub the area. Be gentle and do not rub. Excessive rubbing can cause irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin, which makes easy for the diaper rashes to develop within no time.


 5.   Use a well known Diaper Cream 

There are number of baby products that are available in the market now-a-days. However, knowing the best is one task to perform because every baby is born with a different skin type. This is one reason why using the old, trusted baby products is one effective way to keep the baby’s skin fresh. The same applies for choosing a diaper cream. Make sure to apply the same each time after changing the dirty diaper. Diaper creams work as a barrier between the rashes and the skin however; it all depends on the way it is applied. So, use it in the right way.

Hence, following these small tips and tricks can help save your baby from rash pains and irritations.


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