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How to Start Weaning Baby

When your baby turn six month old, feeding is not enough as it will not provide baby with essential nutrition. Your little one need to intake solid diet so that baby can get proper vitamins and minerals for growth. Here let’s discuss about weaning and how you can start it with your baby in the article below.


What is Weaning?

Weaning is the process when you introduce solid food to your baby other than the milk. There are various stages that follow. The first stage of weaning is to introduce healthy eating habits and to teach your baby how to eat, chew and swallow the good.




Isn’t it good? You will not have to run around with a bowl and spoon in hand to make your baby eat food. Weaning will actually save your time as well as energy.  As baby grows, food will provide them with nutrients, but for now you have to introduce them to new tastes and textures.


There will be some questions coming to your mind like when will you know that your baby is ready for weaning? Yes, I have answer to it. The first and foremost answer is that when your baby turns 6 months old. Other than this there are 4 more factors that you can look upon which are:-

  • If your baby can sit properly and can hold head steady.
  • If baby is interested in food in your plate or try to take it from your plate.
  • Baby is picking things and putting it into his mouth.
  • If baby swallows the food properly which is offered by you.

If your baby is less than 6 months, you might be ready to see that when he will show some signs that he or she is ready for weaning.


How to set up healthy eating Habits in Babies?

You might have seen that babies are always given some fruit purees when they start their solids. They are naturally more towards sweet tastes. Parents should always start with veggies as it will benefit babies health in long run. It has been noticed that babies starting with something sweet do not like to eat veggies afterwards. So, mothers, be smart and start with veggie purees to your kids.




Some researchers have also seen that veggie intake during weaning helps to develop healthy habits in future. It is important to introduce different veggie flavors early in weaning.


What is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby-Led-Weaning means letting your baby feed by themselves right from the very start of the weaning process. Give babies soft finger foods like baby puffs, baby rice crackers, banana cubes, and broccoli steamed and boiled to grab and learn how to eat.


Some mothers might be wondering that should they continue feeding babies or not? Is it so? There are mothers that do not feed when their baby start on solid diet. It should not be done. Milk remains the source of nutrition to babies. Feed babies on demand as well as offer food to them.


How to do Weaning Safely?

We recommend starting weaning with purees that are smooth textures, as they are the best to learn how to swallow for babies. If you see your baby cannot manage to eat, do not worry, and give him time to learn. Till then, feed him yourself with spoon. Never leave your baby alone when they are eating.


If you think your baby has an allergy then please visits your doctor for the advice and also have supervision which foods cause them allergies.


Equipment which are essential for Weaning :

Here is some of the essential equipment which you will require for weaning plan for your baby:-




  • A few colorful baby feeding spoons and plates can be of cartoon printed on them for making it enjoyable for babies.
  • A clean cloth and bibs to prevent baby’s cloth from getting dirty as they spill a lot.
  • Saucepan and a steamer
  • One hand blender or a food processor to make smoothies or purees for baby.
  • Small containers to give fruits to kid or purees to offer.
  • Free flow beakers as it will help them to intake water, shakes, smoothies or fruit juices.

So, mommies now you are ready with tools as well. Give your baby proper and healthy diet so that they could grow healthy and strong and develop good immunity. Weaning your baby will be good for you as well as for your baby.


Are you the one starting baby weaning? If yes, comment below if you found this article useful. We would love to see your responses. Also, like and share this article with other parents too. Happy Parenting!

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