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Tummy Time for Baby

Tummy time is very important for babies. Parents generally focus to put their baby on its back to sleep which results in flat head syndrome also called as Plagiocephaly. To get rid of this syndrome and also for physical development of baby it is very good. Yes, it’s not easy to make baby do an activity which she is not thrilled. Tummy time is worth it and also a way to create bond with your baby. Let’s explore in details about it.


What is Tummy Time?

We exactly mean that tummy time is that time which baby spends on his stomach when he is awake and under the supervision. When you place your baby on his stomach, it encourages baby to lift his head. This position helps in strengthening of his head, neck and shoulder muscles and also boosts the motor skill in baby.


Why Tummy Time is necessary?

This time is necessary because developing strong neck muscles in babies as it helps baby in accomplishing all physical milestones. If you give your little one daily tummy time, she will start lifting head on her own. You can see your baby holding her head for some time until she turns 3 or 4 months. While your baby is growing, you will also notice her to make use of this position to roll over and support herself with her arms.


Some-benefits-areSome benefits are:-

  • Baby practice milestones such as rolling, crawling and sitting upright
  • Boosts motor skill of kid
  • Engage lesser used muscle group
  • Head control in Babies
  • Soothes gas pain



When should Tummy Time start?

You can introduce tummy time for your baby from the day one but make sure your baby should be born at full term with no health issue. Keep in mind that tummy time should be given only when he is on flat surface such as floor and when baby is awake and alert. If I say which is the best time then it is when your baby is woke after a nap or a diaper change. While tummy time, you should be always there for supervision.

Many babies do not like and get cranky about it. So give them short session till the time they get use to being in that position.



How to do tummy time?

This is very easy exercise for babies. Here’s how to get set up for this:-

  • Set up a Place: – Take a blanket or a tummy time mat and spread it on flat surface. Choose for a safe and soft place. Generally floor is the ideal spot.
  • Lay your Baby: – Grab your baby and lay him facing down on your stomach or chest or you can lay him/her across your lap.
  • Engage your Baby: – Try to engage your kid, if baby do not respond to tummy time on her own. You can make it fun time by giving rattle toys to your baby. Try to keep him for 3 to 4 minutes, if he refuses start with one minute and increase the time slowly. With time, baby will start to enjoy tummy time.


Some-Safety-Tips-during-Tummy-TimeSome Safety Tips during Tummy Time:-

  • When baby is playing in this position, make sure that he is not at much height as there is a risk for baby to roll off the couch or bed.
  • If you have pets or any other kid at home take extra care of your kid.
  • Never leave him alone at this position, it can be dangerous.
  • If baby feels drowsy take him on your lap, never let him sleep on his tummy as it can suffocate him.


So, enjoy the tummy time with your baby and let him explore a new environment. Give him this time to increase muscle strength and relieve boredom. Always follow the tips and enjoy time with your baby. What was your experience while giving tummy time for your baby? Share your comments with us. Happy Parenting!


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