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Foods Necessary to Avoid During First Year of Baby

The food we prefer to eat can be somehow dangerous to a kid whose age is less than one year. So, being a careful parent it is highly necessary to choose right food for your little. A right selection of food is very important in the first year of a child. You must have a right knowledge to select a safe and healthy diet.

In case if you find difficult to choose right food for your baby, you must take the advice of your elders. And for the more clarification no other option can be better than consulting a paediatrician.

Here is the list of some foods that need to be avoided during the first year of child.

Let’s start!


Cow’s Milk :

It is highly recommended to stick on breast milk or formula milk until your baby turns one year. Most of the people think feeding cow’s milk can be a better choice. However, cow’s milk is not natural to newborn baby and can lead to digestive problems.


The minerals and protein in milk of cow are too complex to break in a baby’s digestive system. Moreover, it does not contain enough iron and hence result in anemia. Cow’s milk is also known to cause allergies in the first year of child so needs to be strictly avoided.


Honey :

In the old tradition of India, people used to put honey into the mouth of the newborn. If we say that this practice has been ended in the present days, this will be a half-truth. Most of the people still follow this custom, but it’s completely wrong for a baby’s health.


You need to avoid honey not only for the first day of birth, but also for the whole of first year. One main reason, you need to avoid feeding honey is that it contains a harmful bacteria known as clostridium botulinum which can result in botulism, muscle paralysis, and other serious illnesses.

The immune system of a newborn is not so strong to fight against such bacteria. Therefore, the only option you have is not to feed honey to your little.


Wheat :

Wheat is allergen and contains gluten that is high in protein and difficult to digest for babies. It can result in loose motion, constipation, poor sleep and skin rashes in your child. Wheat or gluten allergies are temporary, but consulting doctor is necessary.

Anything that is made of wheat is strictly recommended not feed to newborns.


Strawberries :

Strawberries are really delicious and health to have. They are great source of vitamin C and antioxidants so, helpful improving your health.


But, strawberries are quite acidic so, can be harmful to the delicate digestive system of a baby. Therefore, strawberries are another foodstuff that you should not offer to your kid.


Chocolate :

Chocolate can be a favourite food stuff of a child but, not good for a baby whose age is less than one year.  Chocolate contains caffeine and we all know that it is harmful to health of a normal human being.


It also contains a lot of sugar, which should be given in a  less quantity specifically to young children.


Fruit Juices :

No doubt taking fruit juices can be a healthy choice for anyone. However, same does not go for a baby. Juices of citric fruit like orange and grapes are very acidic and can be harsh for your angel delicate digestive system.


If you want to offer fruit juices to your kid, it is necessary to wait until your kid gets six month old. Offering non-acidic juices like apple juices will be a healthy choice.


Salt and Sugar :

You must be aware of the fact that babies below one year of age don’t have taste buds. For them feeding plain food is right option rather than salty and sweet food. The maximum amount of salt intake for a newborn   should be less than one gram per day.


Giving extra amount of salt can put stress on tiny immature kidneys of your baby. Sugar is another major content that should not be given to your kid. Sugar is very addictive and once your baby gets the taste of sugar, he or she will prefer consuming sugar and refuse to have breast milk.

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