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Foods for Your Toddler to Maintain Good Health

For any Parent it is important to take care of his or her child.  When it comes to take care of any child food what you prefer matters a lot. Most of the parents find it difficult when it comes to maintain the health of their kids.  Giving a healthy diet to a toddler is highly important for a healthy brain and body.

It is important that you are giving a food which is enriched with all minerals, vitamins and protein.  The well-being of your child depends a lot on the diet that you offer to him or her.

So, being a caring parent you must offer such foodstuffs which can keep your baby healthy.

Here is the list of some foods that you can add to your toddler diet for a healthy well-being.


Fruits :

Banana, mango, custard apple and cheeku (mudapple) are some precise options to give your child. You can also add them to milkshakes, custard and ice cream. Besides this, preparing smoothies with these fruits sprinkled with honey and nuts.


Bananas are good source of energy and carbohydrates so should be given to toddlers.


Olive Oil :

Olives are enriched in oil which is dense in good fat. So, food cooked in olive oil can help your baby maintain good body weight.


Dried Fruits and Nuts :

Nuts are the great source of energy so giving them to children can be a right thing to do. Almonds, peanuts, raisins, dates, dried apricots and walnuts are perfection options to include to your child’s breakfast.


Instead of chocolates and candies offering nuts or dried fruits are healthy option to give a child.


Eggs :

Eggs are enriched with protein and also high in calories. This healthy foodstuff can be served as boiled, fried or spread into omelette. Another good way to include eggs to the diet is by adding them to custards or pan cakes.

Giving eggs are good to alternative to increase the amount of carbohydrates and protein your baby’s diet.


 Starchy Vegetables :

Starchy vegetables like potato and sweet potato are enriched in healthy fats so, can help your baby maintain good health. Potatoes are excellent source of energy and carbohydrates so, you must give them to your little.


Sweet potato is also high in beta-carotene and sugar so, good to maintain a healthy weight.


Ghee :

Ghee is considered as one of the best foods to maintain good body weight in babies. For the better health care it is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of ghee in the daily food of babies. Initially, you can start with a few drops at first and gradually increase the amount afterwards. Home-made ghee is best option for cooking food for toddlers.


Pear :

No other choice can be better than giving high fibrous food when it comes to maintain good body weight for children. Pear is the great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and iron so can be taken in the form of puree.

You can make a puree of apple and pear for 3 months and some cinnamon powder to give additional flavor.


Cheese :

Cheese is another good food that is enriched in calcium and also helps kids put on some healthy weight. You can add cheese to sandwiches, chapatis or pasta to offer a tasty and healthy foodstuff your kid.


 Oats :

Oats is a healthy option to give a toddler to boost his or her energy. Oats are low in cholesterol and saturated fats so help in maintaining a healthy body weight. This foodstuff is high in magnesium, thiamine, phosphorous and manganese so, highly helpful to gain weight. When you serve oats to your little also add some dry fruits so that your baby can feel attracted towards the dish and enjoy it happily.


Whole Wheat :

Whole wheat is an excellent source of dietary fiber with low fat so, a right choice for babies. Whole wheat can be given as wheat cereal, wheat kheer, whole wheat pancakes and wheat porridge.


These are some food items that you must give to your little for his or her better health. If you find this article interesting, please like it and share it and leave a comment below.

Moreover, if you have any another suggestion for the healthy diet of kids, please  share it in comment box.

Thank You.

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