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Best Ways to Use Olive Oil for Your Baby

Olive is one of the best ingredients for care of skin, hair and overall health also. Most of the people think that it is beneficial only for the adults but, it also comes with great benefits for the babies’ skin. The skin of babies is highly delicate and needs a special attention. From diapers to baby wipes and lotion to baby oil, everything should be of appropriate quality.

So, when it comes to massage oils, it is necessary to consider that not   every type of oil can be used for the babies. However, olive oil can be safe in most of the cases for maintaining good health of your child.

Here are some ways that can tell you different benefits of olive oil for your baby’s health:


Olive Oil for Baby Massage :

Various people all over the world use olive oil for massaging their babies’ body. This oil is helpful in promoting relaxation, reducing instances of crying and has a positive influence on the hormones that control stress in your baby. The oil contains high content if oleic acid and lesser amount of linoleic acid.


Linoleic acid works to strengthen your baby’s skin barrier and oleic acid increases the sponginess of some layers of the baby’s skin. The safety concerns of olive for massage depend upon the condition of  your child’s skin. If the skin of your kid is more absorbent, the olive oil and water can easily absorbed into it.


Olive Oil for Skin Problems :

Is olive oil good for a newborn’s skin? This is one of the main questions that come in every parent’s mind. Yes, olive oil is safe to use on the healthy skin. However, the same does not go for the baby’s damaged skin.


In case, if your baby is suffering from eczema, use of olive oil can worsen the problem as the oleic acid in it can increase moisture loss through your little’s skin. Moreover, even if you have a family history of eczema or dry skin, you need to takes some precaution. So, it will be good if you avoid using olive oil as it may trigger this problem. Besides this, taking advice of a child specialist will also be a good thing to do.


Olive Oil in Baby’s Diet :

Olive oil is considered as a great option when it comes to cooking. It is enriched with the nutritional value of monounsaturated fats, Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B vitamins as well as antioxidants. Nowadays, most of the people use olive oil to cook their food because of its different benefits. It can also be used for cooking baby’s food but only after 6 months of age.


But, when using olive oil for cooking your little’s food, you need to stick to extra virgin olive oil, as it is the purest form of olive oil and contains antioxidant properties. The oleic acid present in this healthy oil helps in the growth and development of your child’s brain.

Remember, excess consumption of olive can cause diarrhea, so ensure that you are not using more than ¼ teaspoon of it in 2 ounces of baby food.


Olive Oil for Baby’s Hair :

Olive oil can also be used for strengthening and softening a kid’s hair. It is a natural remedy that can remove cradle caps in infants. So, you can massage the baby’s head 5-10 minutes daily for the excellent care and then wash off with lukewarm water using a soft baby’s shampoo.


Olive Oil to Treat Diaper Rashes :

We all aware of the fact the diapers rash is a common problem in babies and makes them uncomfortable. So, to fight this problem applying olive oil can be an excellent approach. You can mix 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil with 1 teaspoon of water and mixture thoroughly. You should apply it on your baby’s bottom as it works well to erase rashes and prevent their reoccurrence.


No matter how safe olive oil is, you have to take the advice of your doctor as it is the case of your baby’s health.

Hope, you have understood the use of olive oil for your little. So, start using it and see the great benefits of it.

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