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How Can Mediation Help a Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Child?

Once Buddha was asked, “what have you gained from meditation?” He replied: “Nothing.” “However”, Buddha said, “let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old Age, and Death.”


Mediation is an ancient practice that helps in controlling in our own mind and consequently our life and calms down our mind. It is a technique that can help you achieve balance between mind and body. So, don’t’ you think it can be beneficial for a pregnant woman? For a healthy and happy pregnancy time you can meditate for whole nine months.

Pregnancy is the time when hormonal change occurs and your mind fills with questions, doubts, excitement and worries. It is an obvious thing and can happen with every pregnant lady. You mind can start questioning like “will my baby be healthy?” What will I do during delivery time? How will I handle the labor pain?

If you are feeling that your mind is not calm, you must do meditation on regular basis. Practicing meditation can help you keep your body and mind relaxed and also benefits your unborn baby in several ways.

Here are some Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy:

Have a look!


Calms Pregnancy Stress :

Pregnancy is a wonderful period but somehow it can make your restless and stressed also. In this time stress is normal, but according to some studies high level of it can result in negative impact on your unborn baby. Stress hormones such as cortisol released over a long period of time can result in lower birth weight or an early delivery.


So, it’s good to practice meditation at the right time so you can feel relaxed and calm.


Helps You Sleep Properly :

It is also said that people who meditate always remain happy and healthy in their life. It is an old approach that can help eliminate nightmares, fear, worries and negative thinking. So, practicing it daily in morning or evening can help new mothers deal with prenatal depression. Most of the expecting mothers complain about their sleepless nights. They say that their worries for their delivery time and their unborn don’t let them to sleep over night.


Obviously, rest is highly necessary of a expecting mother like health diet. If a pregnant woman is not sleeping properly, she can feel irritate, stressed and annoyed all the day. And this is no good for both baby and mother.

So, if you have any friend who is going through such conditions, you can suggest her to do meditation. Doing so can help them get a sound sleep with any worry whole night.


Motivates You to Choose Healthy Habits :

You might have heard that meditation helps people with their addictive habits. The same thing implies for a pregnant woman.


I think we all know that eating unhealthy food is a bad choice for both pregnant lady and her unborn. But, meditation is way that can help you say No to unhealthy foodstuff. So, start practicing it from today for the well-being of your baby and yourself as well.


Improves Immunity :

For many women pregnancy can be the time to get stick or going through some illnesses. It can be possible that you are suffering from fever, cold and headache again and again. For preventing such condition, you must follow such approaches that can help in improving your immune system.


A strong immune system is always a necessary part of pregnant woman’s life. If her immune system is strong, she will remain away from the illnesses so, baby will also be health after birth. So, practicing meditation can be a good thing to enhance immunity and stay healthy. If you really want to stay happy and healthy in your pregnancy time, start meditation as soon as possible.


Helps Connect with Baby :

The one of the most enjoyable and surprising benefits of meditation during pregnancy is feeling more connected with unborn baby. Some of expecting mothers find it easy to talk to their unborn child but many feel it silly. But it is good if you talk to your child when it is inside you. This is the way to connect more with your child. If you are finding difficulty to do it, meditation can help you.


Have you understood the value of meditation for your pregnancy time? If yes, make it part of your daily routine and see the changes in your mood.

Besides this, if you find this article interesting, please do hit the like button and share it with other expecting mothers. If you have any another suggestion for a pregnant woman, please share it in the comment below. We are eagerly waiting for your suggestion.

Thank You.

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