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How Much Should A Baby Eat?

Babies bring with them a big responsibility which parents have to take care. While raising your baby it is important to take care of his every need. When baby turns for 5 months, parents have tendency and are very curious to know about what should be given to baby to eat?

You will get hundred of advices from your friends who are mom and your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother & other relatives.  But while entering to new phase of parenting you will get stuck in one question that is how much your baby should eat?

Yes, you need to ensure that you are introducing solids at correct time and feed him right quantity. Let’s discuss in this article that how much should a baby eat.

According to the WHO guidelines, for the first six months the baby should be given only breast feed and to introduce solid food after that. This is because after baby turns of 6 months, he develops the ability to digest the food. Secondly, it is important to remember that every baby is different and has different appetite.


You can see some decrease in appetite when baby is:-


  • Teething: – When your baby is teething, they face lots of discomforts with their gums as they cut their first teeth. They drool a lot and feel unwell. Teething makes their appetite low which results in crying and cranking baby which refuses to feed.
  • Illness: – If baby is not teething and still not having food then it’s definitely the baby is sick. Even a blogged nose can make him lose appetite. A stomach infection can also be the reason for decrease in Appetite.


Let’s now see appetite for babies till he/she turns one. Here we go:-

How much should a 6 month baby eat?

This is the age when you will start solids to your baby but remember he is just a beginner. You should not start with him in large quantity. Start with a spoon a day and do not stop to give breast feed. Make food intake a 4 days rule.

Start with a mashed banana and ensure that baby have no trouble in digesting it. So, start with a teaspoon on first day and then switch to two and them accordingly. On the fifth day, introduce new food like an apple puree, carrot juice, etc.

By the end of the month, give baby 2 meals a day and it should be approximately 30 ml each along with breastfeeding.


How much should a 7 month baby eat?

When your baby turns 7 month, you can increase the baby meals to three times a day. Set a routine for feeding your baby breakfast, lunch and dinner. The quantity for a 7 month baby will be up to 90 to 100 ml. You can include fruit, veggies, cereal and legumes for baby diet but the texture can be thicker in consistency then last month.


What and how much should be given to 8-9 months baby to eat?

When baby turns for 8 months, he have tendency to take object into his mouth without difficulty. This is the best time to allow them to feed themselves. Here you can give baby snacks during mid mornings and late afternoons.

Now you can switch your baby from puree to porridge. At this stage, babies play with their food, so they will eat less. You can give him varieties of things to eat. You should focus on varieties than quantity.


How much should a 10-11 months old baby eat?

When baby is of 10 months, it’s a good idea to stop all purees as baby can eat more solid foods. You can give him proteins, vegetable, grains. Keep foods baby friendly and one that do not cause choking hazards. When baby are near to complete their one year, they turn noses from certain foods so try to add spices and let them eat with family.

You will notice that when your baby is one, he/she will be eating pretty well with her family.


Here are some things to remember:-

  • Do not force baby to overeat
  • Offer him as much as he desires
  • Continue to breastfeed on demand
  • Avoid sugar, salt, honey and cow’s milk before he turns one.

You are the best one who can tell what your baby wants to eat and when. Every baby appetite is different so do not compare your baby with any other child. Enjoy this phase of parenting with your kid to the fullest. Please share your experiences and feedback on the comment section below.


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  • Agatha says:

    I didn’t know that infants should not be given salt till they turn I always add a pinch of salt in my 10 months running daughter’s food? Will there be any problem? I am getting nervous/worried.should I avoid it now,what if she doesn’t like the new food without salt?

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