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Is it good to massage baby with Figaro (Olive) Oil?

“Is it good to massage baby with Olive (Figaro) Oil?” & “Which is the best oil for baby’s Skin?”

every mother keeps wondering till she come to know the best oil for baby’s mild & sensitive skin. The most important thing about baby massage is to choose the right oil for baby massage. Many times it has been noticed that initially parents start using any oil on baby’s skin without even checking that it is good or bad and when they face its side effects they actually become aware and start searching for the right product.


There are many parents who use olive oil to massage their baby with no problem at all. But research has made it clear that olive oil is not the best option for massaging the baby and in case your baby is having broken or dry skin, then it is strictly advised to avoid olive oil for massage.


There are variety of oils that can be preferred for baby massage and olive oil is in the List of oils used in India for Baby Massage. To make your task easier and help you decide which oil is the best oil for your baby’s skin, here are some important facts of harmful effects of olive oil on your baby’s skin.


Is Olive (Figaro) Oil good for baby massage?Is Figaro (Olive) Oil good for baby massage?- An Answer to your Query…..

  • Olive Oil is high in fatty acid called Oleic Acid and low in fatty acid – Linoleic acid. Oleic acid is responsible for making baby’s skin ore permeable but linoleic acid helps to strengthen baby’s skin barrier. It is always advised to prefer oil high in Linoleic acid.
  • In case your baby’s skin is more permeable, it means your baby’s skin barrier is more open hence the oil & water will not be tapped by baby skin instead it will be lost. In case your baby’ skin is damaged, oleic acid will further increase the moisture loss from baby’s skin.
  • Use of olive oil on skin of baby with eczema will worsen the condition.
  • Baby’s skin is far more delicate than adult skin, some experts say that oleic acid is harmful even to healthy skin. So how can we think of trying it on baby’s mild & sensitive skin.
  • Olive oil damage can damage the skin barrier and can cause mild redness. If we compare the use of the oil rich in linoleic acid (Sesame based oil), an improved skin moisture level is seen.


So there is a big question that “Is Figaro oil good for baby massage?” Many people ask about Olive oil effect on baby’s skin fairness, but it is of no concern when skin itself gets damaged with it. There are many researches going on the harmful effects of Olive oil on baby’s skin and the eczema skin.


The exact answer of the query can be obtained from finding of the research- how safe is olive oil on baby’s skin?


If you baby has dry skin or there is a family history of eczema then you must avoid olive oil for baby massage. Olive oil for baby hair is also another big question whose answer every parent is seeking but skin. Considering baby’s mild skin it is not suggested rather prefer coconut oil in the beginning till baby’s skin barrier is not completely developed.


Prefer Oil rich in Linoleic acid- it promotes the growth of healthy skin barrier.

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Is it good to massage baby with Figaro (Olive) Oil? If you have any other Information to add, please add in comments.

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