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10 Rules to follow while visiting Newborn

The day baby is born to your relatives or family, everyone is excited to meet new mama and her small, cute baby. It’s difficult to wait for that entire baby snuggles. The new mother’s meets a number of visitors that might cause discomfort for new mothers as well as for newborn.

If new mom is living with joint family or has some relatives to help her out in early days, then it becomes easy for new mom to entertain visitors. But, if she has to handle all alone then it can cause more burdens.  So, there is some etiquette that you need to follow when it comes to visiting a new mom.


1- Ask for a time for Visit


Always make sure to call or text and ask for time to visit. Make sure you visit when it is convenient to them not when it’s convenient for you. Some mothers are ready to see visitors from right at the hospital but some are interested to see visitors after several weeks especially when she’s more settled.


Never take it personally if she is not ready to see visitors. As, new moms need rest & also some time to bond with her new family.


2- Never visit baby if you are sick


Newborns have very weak immune system so avoid visiting until you are completely well. Make sure that you are in good health and that everyone with you is well.


3- Follow her Rules


First time moms have some instructions that you should follow without any comments. It can be to wash hands or using a sanitizer, removing shoes, not to rock a baby while sleeping. Every mother has her own preferences.


4- Ask Permissions


As soon as you arrive, do not pick up the baby unless you are invited to do so. You can ask permission of mother and also be sure to wash hands first if you have been invited to hold the baby.


5- Offer or ask what chores need to be done


You can give a helping hand to the person like you can ask to clean up the kitchen, to empty trash bins or dishes or laundry. New mom will appreciate the gesture much more.



6- Do not talk about Baby


Always talk to new mom about her health, her experience with new one and tell her about what’s going in your life. Never keep on commenting on baby like baby has small ears or dark complexion or he sleeps a lot. A new mom will never like it because her little one is world for her.


7- Do not give unnecessary Advice


Do not give any suggestions or advice about parenting or any other tips unless she asks from you. You might have good experience but everyone preferences and style of parenting is different.


8- Do not post baby pictures


It is ok, if you like to post every activity of yours on social media but when it comes to your friends or family new baby, do ask once before you post baby picture online.


9- Respect the Privacy


Do not expect that new mother is comfortable to nurse her baby in front of others. So, make sure leave the room if she is feeding her baby.


10- Leave your kids at home


New mothers need a low-stress environment and older kids race around the house. They can bring along germs & anxiety so better to come alone.


Follow these rules while visiting newborn home and gain respect that they will call you soon.  I hope you liked this article. Please comment below for your suggestions.

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