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Newborn Care: Do’s & Don’ts

After a long period of nine months when the moment comes of baby’s birth it’s a big relief. You might think that it’s the big job which you have completed but the reality is that it’s just half job done.  You will see that the real job begins after the baby is born. Many near & dears will suggest you do this, do that but do not get confused.

Today in this article, we will discuss about the some points that you need to follow to make your baby healthy & strong. The first week after baby’s birth is very exciting but also difficult. Especially the first time parent doesn’t know what to do and how to take care of your baby.

Here we will discuss some tips that will help new parents to take care of Newborn Baby. There are some experiences that will be new for you and is essential for newborn care.


Some tips of Newborn care to parents:-




  1. Baby food & Nutrition: –  This is first and foremost thing to understand. Baby fills his small tummy and gets all the nutrition’s from breastfeeding. It is all what your kid needs. Mother needs to breastfeed her baby after every 2 to 3 hours. Remember that every child needs are different, so make feeding plan as per the needs of little one.


  1. Care of Newborn’s head: – Babies are born with soft and pliable skull. So make sure that you hold baby’s head very gently. Also, put baby to sleep on a soft pillow. Many babies are born with cradle cap so make sure to use a soft brush to comb baby hairs.


  1. New baby sleep pattern: – Do not get worried if your baby sleeps a lot. The baby is very tired after birth and can spend 16 to 20 hours sleeping continuously. Sleep is very necessary for babies as it is very important for physical and mental development.


  1. Cry of your newborn:- Newborn baby cries when they want to tell you something. They generally cry to let other know that they need attention. You just have to figure out what your baby needs. It is babies’ way of communication to understand parents and to know its demands.


  1. The newborn’s heartbeat: – You will notice that your babies’ heart rate is very faster than an adult but do not be afraid. A newborn’s heart rate is faster and is generally 150 beats per minute. This is normal but if you see change in your babies behavior, immediately consult a doctor.


  1. Baby Hic… Hiccups: – Hiccups in babies are not harmful. It happens to babies lots of time and do not cause any discomfort to them. Some babies burp frequently but some babies are fussy or uncomfortable after or during feeding and hiccups are also a cue that burpsis needed.


  1. Social Interaction of Child: – You will notice that your baby will interact socially with people or things after birth. Baby will try to touch them or will try to go near them to explore what it is? May be your little one smile but it will be an enjoyable experience.



These are some things that you will notice in your newborn. Do not get worried instead enjoy this new parenting phase of life. Share this post about newborn care with other parents and you can also comment us with your experiences. Happy Parenting .


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